Perform more procedures in-house and elevate your patient care with a sophisticated, same-day CAD/CAM dentistry solution. The Planmeca FIT® Plus comes complete with the Planmeca Emerald® S intraoral scanner, Planmeca PlanCAD® Premium design software and the Planmeca PlanMill® 60 S milling unit.
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Explore Planmeca FIT Plus CAD/CAM products:
Planmeca FIT Plus enables you to increase in-house production while you improve patient care. This system includes the Planmeca Emerald S intraoral scanner, Planmeca PlanCAD Premium design software and the Planmeca PlanMill 60 S milling unit.

Designed to produce high-end restorations, the Planmeca PlanMill 60 S mills full arch surgical guides, dentures, night guards and up to 25 crowns in a single disc. It addresses the industry’s need to mill a broad range of materials, including zirconia, lithium disilicate, PMMA, and wax. This robust 5-axis unit allows for wet or dry processing, can mill discs or blocks, and is equipped with an automatic 10-tool changer.

Planmeca Emerald S intraoral scanner combines hyper-speed image capture with excellence in diagnostic capabilities all in one lightweight, easy-to-use unit. This makes it easy to offer patients the convenience of faster treatments and hygiene appointments.

Planmeca PlanCAD Premium design software can design everything from a single crown to a complete denture. The software’s open solution enables clinicians to achieve maximum productivity throughout the entire workflow while also providing highly accurate and esthetic restorations.
Planmeca Emerald S high-speed intraoral scanner
  • Offers high-speed performance and is ultra-lightweight (one of the lightest on the market)
  • Produces precise quadrant and full arch scans, including edentulous cases
  • Can take a full arch scan in less than 1 minute in the hands of proficient users
  • Enables hands-free operation with button and motion controls
  • Has 3 different autoclavable tips available (Standard, SlimLine, Cariosity) and heated scanning tips to reduce fogging
  • Includes shade assist technology
  • Features open architecture for seamless collaboration

Planmeca PlanCAD Premium Design software
  • Comes with a full range of indications including crown and bridge, inlays, onlays, veneers, partials, night guards and full dentures
  • Supports open and easy workflows without mandatory annual license fees
  • Imports, exports and edits various file formats without any restrictions or complicated workarounds
  • Can be customized for different user preferences for maximum efficiency
  • Allows you to work with wizards for step-by-step instructions or design your own workflow
  • Includes user-friendly tools for modifying designs, including a virtual articulator
  • Has a quick launch option directly in Planmeca Romexis®
  • Enables you to easily add more modules and capabilities as your needs grow
Planmeca PlanMill 60 S milling unit
  • Has a 5-axis lab-grade unit for high production
  • Can be used for wet or dry milling
  • Includes mill discs or blocks
  • Capable of milling a single crown to full arch restoration
  • Mills a broad range of materials including zirconia, glass and hybrid ceramics, PMMA, wax and more
  • Comes with a C-clamp adapter for more precise milling and an automatic tool changer for 10 tools
  • Features open architecture for easy integration
Planmeca Emerald S intraoral scanner

  • Scanner base: 213 grams
  • Scanner tip: 17 grams
  • Scanner without tip: 41 mm x 45 mm x 165 mm
  • Scanner tip: 24 mm x 24 mm x 89 mm
Planmeca PlanMill 60 S milling unit
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 422 x 644 x 556 mm (16.6 x 25.4 x 21.9 inches)
  • Weight 75 kg (165 lb)