ePrescribing designed to streamline workflows and improve patient care

DoseSpot seamlessly fits into your current patient workflows, giving you access to a sophisticated database of dental-specific drug information so you can prescribe with confidence. Our intuitive and reliable platform simplifies the ePrescribing process while unlocking additional features that help you elevate patient care.

*DoseSpot has an additional cost for Eaglesoft users. DoseSpot is included with a Fuse subscription.
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DoseSpot exists to power safer, more efficient, and more flexible care delivery through a sophisticated database of dental-specific drug information so you can prescribe with confidence.

Industry-leading application response times 

  • <150 milliseconds on average 

Safety and security are always top priorities 

  • HIPAA and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant 

Built for clinicians 

  • Simple, modern, portable technology that works on all devices 

Eaglesoft customers only:  

  • $55/month per prescriber, includes controlled substances access

Electronic Prescribing

Make the best care decisions

Safeguards are built in and carefully monitored so you can be confident in delivering safe and compliant ePrescriptions directly to the pharmacy from the point of care.

Save time and add efficiency to your workday

Fulfill prescription renewal requests electronically by patient, clinic, clinician, or client. Save prescriptions as “favorites” to save time and prescribe more efficiently.
Add Favorite popup, option to add a nickname to be added to your Favorites List
Identity Proofing form

Meet federal and state regulations with identity proofing

Clinicians must complete the identity proofing (IDP) and EPCS two-factor authentication (TFA) process before sending prescriptions for controlled substances.

Search EPCS-enabled pharmacies

Search for EPCS-enabled pharmacies to ensure that prescriptions for Schedule II, III, IV, and V substances will be accepted.
DoseSpot Manage Patient’s Pharmacies interface, showing current pharmacy and a form for adding a new pharmacy
Real-Time Prescription

Create better health outcomes for patients and spend less time on the phone

DoseSpot’s Real-Time Prescription Benefit feature pulls patient-specific benefit information into the prescribing workflow, bringing actionable insights to the point of care. With RTPB, you gain access to additional features such as prior authorization alerts (electronic prior authorization also available), price information, formulary alternatives, and up-to-date benefit details. 

Additional Features

See how DoseSpot can simplify the ePrescribing process in more ways

Start sending electronic prescriptions with DoseSpot in 8 Simple Steps