Eliminate financial barriers for patients

Help patients get the care they need with Patterson CarePay+, an all-in-one technology platform for patient financing, dental plans, and payment processing that integrates completely with Eaglesoft. Say goodbye to complicated front office tasks and hello to simplified patient financing at your fingertips. From increased treatment acceptance to improved patient retention, Patterson CarePay+, powered by Wellfit, can help unlock your practice’s revenue potential.
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Discover how CarePay+ can increase efficiencies in your dental practice

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Empower your patients to get the care they need while accelerating your dental practice revenue potential.
  • Optimize practice performance using one simple platform that fully integrates with Eaglesoft. Take advantage of an all-in-one technology solution that includes patient financing, dental plans, and payment processing.  
  • Improve patient treatment acceptance and boost practice revenue with instant financing approvals and dental plans that offer deep savings for patients.
  • Reduce the risk of not getting paid and get paid faster by offering multiple payment options. This provides patients easier access to treatment and increased revenue streams for your office. 
  • Eaglesoft version 23.10 and above
  • Ingenico Link 2500 Card Reader requires wireless connectivity

Empower your patients to get the care they need

Increase revenue by removing financial barriers to treatment through our financing marketplace, dental plans, and payments processing. See below to learn more about how CarePay+ can advance your practice.

Patient Financing

Empower patients to make financial decisions

The CarePay+ financing process is lightning-fast, giving your patients the green light to start treatment right away and get the care they need when they need it. The entire process is patient-led, allowing your patients to choose from multiple financing options so they can own the process and choose the solution that best fits their unique needs.
How patient financing works in 4 simple steps:

CarePay+ screenshot showing the Financing Marketplace for patients

1. Patient applies

When a patient launches Financing MarketPlace from their laptop, mobile, or tablet, their demographic information will be prepopulated with their stored information in Eaglesoft. The patient can review their information and update if needed.
CarePay+ screenshot showing options for dental patient financing

2. Patient selects the best loan option

The patient will be asked for their repayment preferences and can choose from low interest rate, low monthly cost, or “I don’t know.” They will be shown the top financing offers along with other options based on their repayment preference and credit score. 
CarePay+ screenshot showing options for dental patient financing

3. Patient submits application

After the patient has made their selections, they will select "submit my application" and wait for an approval notification via text message.
CarePay+ screenshot showing options for dental patient financing

4. Patient approves the transaction

The patient will receive a text message that their application is approved along with the approved credit limit. The office will be paid within 24 hours after the patient approves the transaction.

Key benefits of CarePay+ Patient Financing

“Fantastic product! It allows us to continue to drive revenue by allowing our patients to make decisions about their financing needs.”

Sharlain, California

Dental Plans

A great option for your practice

CarePay+ Dental Plans help patients pay for the care they need at a discounted, transparent price without any hidden fees or surprises. You can create a dental plan that best fits your patients’ treatment needs. Dental plans allow you to be in control of what plans and discounts patients receive when they enroll.

How dental plans works in 3 simple steps:

Eaglesoft screenshot showing the patient account screen

1. You select the patient through the Plans platform in Eaglesoft

After selecting the patient, you will be directed to a practice-facing page on your browser where the patient information from Eaglesoft will be automatically displayed for you to review and confirm.
CarePay+ screenshot showing membership plans

2. You present multiple membership plans to your patient from your tablet

The patient can choose from customized membership plan options and see a breakdown of discounted treatment prices along with their total savings.
CarePay+ screenshot showing membership plan information

3. Patient purchases a plan

The patient selects a plan and pays the agreed amount.

Key benefits of CarePay+ Dental Plans

“Our patients love the plans. Our patients say that the value of the discount plan is priceless, and the discount dental plan is a heaven-sent solution to their dental situation.”

Kasia, Texas

Payment Processing

Integrated payment processing options

CarePay+ payment processing is competitively priced, with no hidden fees, and completely integrated with Eaglesoft so there is no need for accounting in separate systems.

Get a free card reader

Get a free Ingenico Link 2500 Card Reader device when you sign up with CarePay+ today.

Key benefits of CarePay+ Payment Processing

Eliminates double-entry and reconciliation while reducing data-entry errors

Payment details are automatically updated in Eaglesoft, saving you time and energy

Get paid faster with touchless payment options

Make it easy for your patients to pay using credit, debit and chip cards, digital wallets, HSA, FSA, ACH, QR codes, and text payments 

“Payment processing being fully integrated into our Practice Management software has greatly cut time in administration work and reduced errors for our practice. We just love this solution!”

Logan W, California

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