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Use Eaglesoft ePrescriptions to submit prescriptions electronically to pharmacies for both controlled and non-controlled substances, create favorites for most commonly used prescriptions and pharmacies, ensure correct recommended dosages, and reduce patient trips to the pharmacy.
Our ePrescriptions solution blends seamlessly with the way dental providers work, making the process efficient while improving safety for patients.
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Realize the benefits of Eaglesoft ePrescriptions today

Eaglesoft ePrescriptions, powered by Change Healthcare, has direct connectivity to 80,000+ pharmacies nationwide and provides peace-of-mind by increasing patient safety and satisfaction while also improving dental practice productivity.

Make the best care decisions

View medication costs and therapeutic alternatives in real time
Real-Time Prescription Benefits is a new feature in ePrescriptions that provides access to patient-specific cost and benefit information at the point of care, allowing you and your patient to make informed decisions.

How you’ll benefit:
  • Gain visibility into patient-specific benefit information, allowing you to make informed, real-time decisions during patient care
  • Eliminate inefficient prescribing processes by observing out-of-pocket deductibles, considering step therapy alerts, and avoiding prior authorizations
  • Combat medication abandonment linked with expensive prescriptions, unexpected costs, and delays due to prior authorization approvals
  • Accelerate the prescribing process, win back time to deliver exceptional patient care, and improve patient satisfaction in the care setting
Dental practitioner using the Real-Time Prescription Benefits feature of Eaglesoft ePrescriptions

How Real-Time Prescription Benefits works, in 3 simple steps:

Eaglesoft esprescriptions screenshot showing DUR warnings

Increased safety and compliance with ePrescriptions

Each year, approximately 1.5 million patients are injured by preventable medication errors. Dentists who ePrescribe use a standard electronic format – eliminating incorrect interpretation of handwriting – and DUR warnings to correct and address any preventable prescribing issues. SIG options allow you to select industry standards and the quantity and day’s supply is completed automatically.
ePrescriptions provides support for EPCS (electronic prescribing of controlled substances) and access to a prescription drug monitoring program, electronic prior authorization and enhanced controlled-substance rules to help providers abide by federal and state regulations.

Improved dental health outcomes

ePrescribing reduces costs by promoting appropriate drug usage. It also provides information about formulary-based drug coverage and speeds up the process of renewing medications.
Eaglesoft eprescriptions screenshot showing appropriate drug usage
Eaglesoft eprescriptions screenshot showing an electronic prescription

Increased office productivity

ePrescriptions result in fewer calls between pharmacies and doctors regarding handwriting interpretation, drugs that are not covered and prior authorization requirements. Plus, offices spend less time completing prescription data, with pre-populated patient data and the option to create preferred drug and pharmacy options.

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