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Are you using your data to its full extent? Is your growth strategy defined? We’re committed to connecting you with industry-leading software that digs deep into your practice data to track and analyze key performance indicators, finding possible hidden revenue and so much more.
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Increase profitability by understanding your business
With Dental Intelligence, it’s easier than ever to elevate your understanding of your business performance. Dental Intelligence analyzes your practice management data and delivers automated insights and guidance to fill your schedule, improve patient care, increase profitability and more.
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Dental practice analytics Growth Report

Uncover your hidden revenue opportunities

A complementary Growth Report will help you identify new revenue opportunities in your practice. Through the power of data analytics, you will quickly grasp your current performance and what kind of revenue you can expect in the future.

Real-time deep analysis

The Growth Report includes a comprehensive roadmap for growth, with expert advice that will help you uncover production opportunities across six categories. You will receive your report as a printable PDF.
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“The metrics tell us exactly how we’re doing so we can improve. In just a few months our Hygiene Pre-Appointment went from 57% to 87%. Production went from $464,195 to $872,825!”

Yelena – Orchard City Dental Care

Is your dental practice healthy?

Learn some methods for checking your vitals from a business perspective.
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