Dental Practice Analytics

Make data-driven decisions that will grow your dental practice

Track and analyze data

Are you using your data to its full extent? Is your growth strategy defined? We’re committed to connecting you with industry-leading software that can dig deep into your practice data to track and analyze key performance indicators, help automate your day, find possible hidden revenue and so much more.

We’ll partner with you to create solutions that revolve around the way you do business.

Dental Intelligence Unlimited

Increase productivity and better understand your business through Dental Intelligence software

This smart system seamlessly connects to your practice management data, measures team performance, identifies opportunities and tracks your goal progress.

Patterson Practice Analytics

Talk to an expert about the best investments for your practice

An analyst will review your data with you, highlight key opportunities, and partner with you to create a roadmap to where you want to be.

Get a report card on your practice every month

We’ll evaluate your practice on important key performance indicators and industry benchmarks. Then, use this data to identify negative trends early – and correct them immediately.

Learn from Dental Intelligence Reporting

Discover key metrics that are hidden deep inside your practice management software, spot trends early and detect concerns that need your attention.

Access your data anywhere

See schedules, patient information and key practice performance data
With Patterson Mobile, you’ll always have access to the information you need via smartphone or tablet.

Wondering how the team is performing? Want to see your schedule? Need to quickly see details on a patient? Finally, you can.
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