Gain the insights you need to grow your dental practice

Dental Intelligence for analytics identifies opportunities, analyzes data, tracks progress toward goals and so much more. It connects with your practice management system and runs in the background, generating insights and possibilities for your practice based on industry best practices. Dental Intelligence is the smartest way to manage your practice and team.

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Add the full access Dental Intelligence Unlimited platform or employ specific modules to manage your practice with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

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Get actionable information about your dental practice in real time

Dental Intelligence analyzes data, identifies opportunities, tracks progress toward your goals and spots red flags.

Practice management compatibility:
  • Eaglesoft (16 and newer)
  • Dentrix G5+
  • OpenDental

Mobile availability:
  • iPhone
  • Android

See a clear picture of how your practice is performing

Dental Intelligence gives you the information you need to improve team performance, enhance patient care and increase practice profitability.

Performance, collections and financial tracking

Using the data buried inside your practice management software, Dental Intelligence tracks your team’s performance, collections and financials. The software analyzes your data, identifies opportunities and highlights practice trends. See what’s really going on in your practice and make powerful improvements every day.  

Morning huddle

Performance data, schedules, opportunities and more are available at your fingertips daily to inform staff during the morning huddle. Keep your staff informed and increase efficiency without spending hours compiling reports.

  • Presents a review of yesterday, today and tomorrow
  • Unites the team with a daily plan and measurable goals
  • Shares victories and creates teaching moments for team
  • Tracks team performance and progress


Prevent patients from falling through the cracks with guidance on which patients to call and why, every day. It is the perfect assistant to keep a full and optimized schedule. Dental Intelligence auto-generates call lists for appointment confirmations, hygiene recare, unscheduled treatment and collections.

Patient finder

Discover the best patients for your practice and create the most profitable schedule ever. Identify ideal patients based on a set of criteria such as high insurance reimbursement rates, no outstanding accounts receivable balance, high show rate, unscheduled treatments and more.

Call intel

Smart caller ID, an instant on-screen pop-up, recognizes and notifies you who is calling, what treatment they need, past-due balances, unscheduled family members and much more. Taking calls is effortless and immediately improves the patient experience.

Provider pulse

Learn from each other to maximize provider productivity and practice performance.  Dental Intelligence tracks the performance of each provider across dozens of metrics, so you can identify the differences in performance, share best practices and help lower performers improve.
Screenshot of Dental Intelligence for practice analytics showing provider performance tracking

Mobile access

Always have access to the information you need when you need it most. From schedules to patient information to key practice performance data and more – it’s all available right on your smartphone or tablet. Wondering how the team is performing? Want to see your schedule? Need to quickly see details on a patient? Now you can.

“The metrics tell us exactly how we’re doing so we can improve. In just a few months our Hygiene Pre-Appointment went from 57% to 87%. Production went from $464,195 to $872,825!”

Yelena – Orchard City Dental Care

Dental practice analytics Growth Report

Uncover your hidden revenue opportunities

A complementary Growth Report will help you identify new revenue opportunities in your practice. Through the power of data analytics, you will quickly grasp your current performance and what kind of revenue you can expect in the future.

Real-time deep analysis

The Growth Report includes a comprehensive roadmap for growth, with expert advice that will help you uncover production opportunities across six categories. You will receive your report as a printable PDF.
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