Get actionable information about your team in real time

Used daily by over 4,000 dentists and their 15,000 team members, Dental Intelligence analyzes data, identifies opportunities, tracks progress toward goals, and spots red flags. With Dental Intelligence, it’s easier to increase revenue and spend more time doing what you love – caring for patients.

  • Connects with practice management system to analyzes data  
  • Identifies opportunities based on industry best practices  
  • Tracks your progress toward business goals
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Add the full access Dental Intelligence Unlimited platform or employ specific modules to manage your practice with greater efficiency and effectiveness. 

  • Practice Growth report 
  • Dental Intelligence report

With Dental Intelligence, it’s easier than ever to improve your understanding of how your business is performing. From there, you can identify where improvements can be made, and then take action, improving patient care and practice success.  

Performance, collections, and financial tracking 
Using the data buried inside your practice management software, Dental Intelligence tracks your team’s performance, collections, and financials. The data is analyzed, opportunities are identified, and trends are highlighted. See what’s really going on in your practice and make powerful improvements on a daily basis.  

​Morning huddle 
Each morning, performance data, schedules, practice data, opportunities and more are gathered to create the perfect morning huddle. It’s the perfect way to keep everyone informed and efficient each day.  

Ensure patients stay at the forefront by generating automated follow-up prompts – you’ll always know who needs communication, and why.  

Smart caller ID  
Incoming calls become effortless and more productive after Dental Intelligence connects to your phone system. Instant on-screen pop-ups tell you not only who is calling, but also their treatment plan status, past-due balances, unscheduled family members, and more.  

Always have access to the information you need when you need it most. From schedules to patient information to key practice performance data and more – it’s all available right on your smartphone or tablet. Wondering how the team is performing? Want to see your schedule? Need to quickly see details on a patient? Finally, you can.  

  • Practice management compatibility:
    • Eaglesoft (16 and newer)
    • Dentrix G5+
    • OpenDental
  • Mobile availability:
    • iPhone
    • Android

Practice Growth report

Practice Growth Report is a free offering for Patterson customers from Dental Intelligence. It gives you a real-time deep analysis of exactly where your practice is at right now, specifically what needs to be improved, and where you’re doing well.

Dental Intelligence reporting
Patterson Intelligence Reporting sends you daily, weekly, monthly, and annual reporting directly to your inbox. This in-depth report shines a light on key metrics that are hidden deep inside your Practice management software, showcases opportunities, spots trends early, and presents concerns that need your attention.