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Offer single-visit dentistry with a dental CAD/CAM system

Equip your practice to provide digital dentistry and same-day visits with a complete CAD/CAM system. Then bring the production of everything from restorations to prosthetics to orthodontic appliances in-house for improved efficiencies, an enhanced patient experience and potential practice growth.
It’s all possible with a dental CAD/CAM system that includes an intraoral digital scanner, CAD/CAM software and a milling machine. Some systems also have a furnace for finalizing restorations, inlays and onlays.
Need help finding the right CAD/CAM system? With two decades of CAD/CAM experience, our team is here to guide you in finding the best option to meet your practice needs and goals. Once you invest, we’ll offer you training and support to successfully implement and optimize the technology.
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Integrated CAD/CAM system

How a fully integrated CAD/CAM solution can fuel dental practice growth

Adopting a dental CAD/CAM system means you can perform a wide range of dental procedures more quickly, accurately and easily. A number of dentists nationwide also credit CAD/CAM as a main source of practice growth.

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Dental tech trend: The rising value of convenience

When it comes to dental appointments, patients prize convenience and safety above all. While safety should be a given at any dental office, convenience can be harder to achieve. One way to enhance convenience is by adopting the latest tools and technologies to offer more services in fewer visits.

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Our CAD/CAM systems

CEREC integrated CAD/CAM system

CEREC integrated CAD/CAM system

Dentsply Sirona

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Planmeca FIT Plus integrated CAD/CAM system

FIT Plus integrated CAD/CAM system


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Planmeca FIT integrated CAD/CAM system

FIT integrated CAD/CAM system


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“A lot of things that I outsourced I am now able to do in-house. And I personally enjoy that part. It ignited a passion in me, a clinical interest that is hard to achieve when you’re not responsible for the final product.”

Jenny Apekian, DDS | Sacramento, California

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