Supercharged clinical performance, powered by AI

Pearl’s pioneering dental AI software elevates your practice with radiologic precision and potent clinical insight. With an always-on chairside dental assistant reading your X-rays in real time and automatically syncing patient data from your PMS to surface hidden treatment needs, your team will consistently deliver the highest standard of care, increase patient satisfaction and stimulate production across your practice.
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Benefit from more efficient, consistent, accurate and patient trusted X-ray evaluations, plus actionable clinical insights for streamlined operations and practice growth – with Pearl’s cloud-based dental AI solutions.
AI for dentists
Pearl is the only AI solution engineered exclusively to serve the needs and interests of dentists and dental practices.
Leading performance
Pearl’s AI diagnostic suite is trained on the largest collection of labeled dental radiographs in the world to detect a greater range and number of pathologies, existing restorations and natural anatomy than any solution of its kind.
Cutting-edge simplicity
Modern, intuitive, crystal-clear application designs make using dentistry’s most advanced software easy for beginners and experts alike – and, because it’s cloud-based, Pearl integrates into your imaging and practice management workflows with hands-off simplicity that delivers the power of AI to you wherever you are.
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Discover how Pearl AI software helps one dentist and his team elevate clinical care, patient communication and team-wide alignment
Dr. Daniel Naysan, owner of Bedford Dental Group, explains how he uses Pearl in his practice to help deliver on his mission of providing more beautiful smiles and life-changing care to patients.
Second Opinion

Instant pathology detection

Catch even the hardest-to-spot conditions in your patient’s X-rays
  • Industry-leading real-time pathology detection capabilities
  • Tooth part mapping for patient education
  • Automated bone level and lesion depth measurement
  • Downloadable patient take-home and claim submission reports
  • Historical imagery analysis
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Establish a higher standard of care and increase patient trust with every Second Opinion-assisted X-ray evaluation
Radiologic Capabilities

Comprehensive AI detections and evaluative utilities

Pearl offers the most comprehensive range of FDA-cleared radiologic AI detections and chairside case presentation utilities in dentistry
AI detections
  • Caries
  • Periapical radiolucency
  • Calculus
  • Notable margin
  • Bone levels
  • And more
Evaluative utilities
  • Tooth part mapping
  • Annotation and detection editor
  • Image quality enhancement
  • Measurement tool
  • Tooth numbering and FMX view auto-layout
Practice Intelligence

AI-powered pathology detection

Plus PMS integration to maximize production and patient health in your practice
  • Surface undetected treatment need across your patient population
  • Elevate your standard of care with team-wide clinical alignment
  • Track actionable patient health and treatment trends across your practice
  • Boost retention with smarter targeted patient outreach and recall
  • Increase same-day dentistry and daily production with AI insight
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Features and benefits

Practice Intelligence gives you a suite of tools designed to add value across your practice’s clinical and front office workflows.

“All the way through my workflow, it’s making things easier, more simple, more efficient, and is keeping my mind assured and also reassuring my patients.”

Dr. Millie Morrison | Ace Dental

Case Acceptance

The benefits of AI-powered case presentation

With a real-time, patient-facing radiologic AI assistant, dentists strengthen the diagnostic foundation of their care to support superior treatment outcomes and greater patient trust.

When you present with Pearl, case acceptance soars!

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