Infection Control Equipment

Enhance safety and increase efficiencies with the right infection control equipment

Keeping your patients, doctors and staff members safe while you practice dentistry is more critical than ever. We provide a broad range of products to support infection control at your practice, including aerosol management equipment, autoclaves, instrument washers and sterilization centers and equipment.
Best of all, our team is here to help you find the best solution to meet your needs and to offer support once you have it in place.
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Autoclaves and Sterilizers

Efficiently and effectively sanitize your instruments and tools

Instrument sterilization protects patients, doctors and staff alike from various infectious diseases. We offer products that also increase your capabilities around speed and capacity to sanitize instruments more efficiently and effectively.
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Sterilization Centers

Streamline workflows while meeting safety standards

Your dental practice needs a sterilization center that is clean, follows OSHA protocols, offers efficiencies and works within your space. We offer centers to fit your needs, match your preferences and streamline your workflows.
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instrument washer
Instrument Washers

Increase productivity and enhance cleanliness with instrument washers

Experience cleaning efficiency and effectiveness while you protect your workers from exposure to contaminated instruments with an instrument washer. We offer a range of washers so you can find the right fit to lower occupational health risks and increase productivity at your practice.
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Sterilization Supplies

Our product line extends beyond sterilization equipment. We also offer all the infection control products you need to make your complete sterilization solution function optimally.

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