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The Story of Solventum, formerly 3M Healthcare

Solventum enables better, smarter, safer healthcare to improve lives. As a new company with a long legacy of creating breakthrough solutions for its customers’ toughest challenges, Solventum pioneers game-changing innovations at the intersection of health, material and data science to change patients' lives for the better and enable healthcare professionals to perform at their best.  Solventum partners closely with the brightest minds in healthcare to ensure that its solutions meld the latest technology with compassion and empathy.

Shade matching made easy

3M™ Filtek™ Easy Match Universal Restorative is a simplified shading system designed to streamline single-shade restorations from the start – all while providing the flexibility you need to find a match for most patients.

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Intuitive Shade Selection

Observe and select from three shades for an excellent match to almost any patient’s tooth shade – no complicated shade guide is needed.

Naturally Adaptive Opacity

Its body-like opacity means you don’t need a blocker for esthetic anterior restorations, and it takes on Enamel-like translucency where you need it: on the bevel, and on the incisal edge.

Reduced Inventory

The Natural shade matches most patients’ smiles. Select the complementary Bright or Warm shades for the rest.

Intuitive shade matching for esthetic single-shade restorations

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With just 3 shades (Bright, Natural and Warm), Filtek Easy Match Universal Restorative simplifies shade selection so you can observe and match using your intuition.

Unlike some competitive single-shade composites (left), Filtek Easy Match Restorative (right) doesn’t need a blocker. It delivers Dentin-like opacity at thicknesses greater than 2 mm, and Enamel-like translucency at thicknesses of 0.5–1 mm.*

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