An easy way for your dental practice to stay compliant

Avoid steep fines and keep your practice in compliance with the AutoSDS safety data sheet (SDS) portal. Enjoy this easy-to-use, customizable, online interface that allows you to quickly access SDSs that meet OSHA requirements from any computer or mobile device.
Setup fee waived through December 31.

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Discover the benefits of AutoSDS

Maintain a safe and compliant practice
Acquire AutoSDS, a new online database of safety data sheets (SDSs), to help you meet OSHA requirements at your practice. Brought to you by Patterson Dental in partnership with Global Safety Management (GSM), AutoSDS makes compliance easy so you can focus on what matters most – your patients.
You will enjoy:
Patterson products auto-load
Your AutoSDS personal library is an online database that comes preloaded with SDSs from your Patterson Dental purchases over the previous 5 years. As you make purchases through Patterson Dental, any product with an SDS is automatically added to your AutoSDS library.
Master library access
Purchases made outside of Patterson Dental that require SDSs can be easily added to your online database. Just search the database and add to your library.
SDS updates from manufacturers
As manufacturers update their SDSs, your library will be updated with the latest version of the SDS while keeping the older versions still accessible, in compliance with the OSHA mandate of keeping an SDS on file for 30 years.
Chemical inventory lists
Easily generate this list, as required by OSHA, for all chemicals used in your practice.
Secondary container labels
When you buy in bulk, you can effortlessly print secondary container labels using AutoSDS for products you transfer into smaller dispensers.
Google Chrome is the suggested browser for best access to AutoSDS. AutoSDS is cloud based and can be accessed by either internet or cellular connection.
Set-up fee
  • Regular: $349
  • Patterson Advantage® customers: $229
  • New customers: Waived
Subscription fee

Monthly: $55/month

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Avoid costly compliance mistakes

Move to AutoSDS online safety data management today!

Avoid OSHA fines

For the last several years, Hazard Communication violations are the second most common OSHA citation. Fines are as high as $12,000 per day, per incident and up to $70,000 for repeated and willful violations. Remember, current and former employees can file anonymous complaints against your practice for violating regulations. AutoSDS automatically updates and maintains your online library of SDSs to help you remain compliant.

Save time on your SDS binder

Your AutoSDS online database comes automatically loaded with SDSs for your Patterson Dental product purchases over the previous 5 years. As you make additional Patterson purchases, any product with an SDS will be automatically added to your AutoSDS library. You can save more time when using AutoSDS to generate a chemical inventory list, as required by OSHA.

Stay compliant

Maintain the latest versions of SDSs and keep older versions available so you can meet standards requiring you to do so for 30 years. Easily search for and quickly access SDSs by product name or manufacturer name by full or partial spelling. If your practice transfers products into smaller dispensers you can also remain compliant by easily creating and printing secondary container labels.

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