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Explore innovative custom products and services. We partner with top vendors to bring you items that are tailored to meet the unique needs of your patients.

DIOnavi surgical implant guide

DIOnavi case-in-a-box implant treatments

Custom order the most accurate surgical implant guide available through DIOnavi. Simply upload clinical images, fill out an online Rx and approve the proposed case. Then receive a DIOnavi “case-in-a-box” with everything you need in one place for a fast, predictable, comfortable and stress-free implant treatment.
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Smilers clear aligners

Smilers has been the most popular aligner in Europe and is now creating smiles in the U.S. They’re affordable, more comfortable, and scallop cut for better comfort and fit. Licensed orthodontists develop the aligner treatment plans to ensure the best results possible for your patients. The scallop-cut aligners are hand trimmed and hand polished for patient comfort, fit and precise movements. Pricing starting at $1,200.
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Smilers clear aligners