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Choosing the right practice management software is critical in laying a solid foundation for your success. Trusted by tens of thousands of dental practices, our practice management software allows you to establish effective and efficient workflows, improve patient experiences and seamlessly add integrations for continuous improvement.
The best part? Our software is backed by Patterson’s industry leading, best-in-class training and support teams.

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Whether you’re looking for improved efficiencies, an intuitive interface or cloud-based computing, we have the software to meet your needs. We build smart solutions based on your feedback to help you achieve your vision and improve every interaction.

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Consolidate multi-location practice data and processes into one, intuitive, cloud-based system. Fuse gives you the flexibility to work remotely, add locations easily and simplify workflows.

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Gain efficiencies, integrate digital imaging and enjoy seamless workflows across your entire practice with our Eaglesoft server-based software – the choice of thousands of dental practices.

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Keep your orthodontics practice running smoothly. Effectively manage and organize your entire practice, especially high-volume, multiple location and provider practices with this easy-to-use interface and integrations.

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Which practice management software is best for you?

Use the chart below to help you identify the right solution for your practice size and type. If you are an orthodontic or other dental specialty clinic, consider our Dolphin practice management software.
If you would like help selecting the right software, Patterson experts are here to support you. Contact us for a free, 15-minute Revolve software consultation to chart the best course for your practice.

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Comparison chart of Eaglesoft and Fuse features

Hear from your peers

Dentists, office managers and hygienists share their perspectives on the benefits of our practice management software.

Mobile hygiene practice connects effortlessly with sites

Fuse cloud-based practice management software is the optimal choice for multi-location and mobile practices. Travis Tramel, PHD, MA, RDHAP, describes how Fuse connects data from GeriSmiles Mobile Dental Hygiene Practice across multiple sites effortlessly.

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Effectively manage and organize your entire practice

With one shared database, Dolphin imaging and management solutions form the backbone for organizing orthodontic and specialty practices. Specialists from around the country describe the impact of Dolphin on the success of their practices.

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Make a painless software switch

Our technology advisors have helped thousands of dental practices transition to a new software system. Here, find ideas for navigating an easier transition.

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Five factors to consider in making a change

Find out the five key elements to evaluate when you consider your software needs.

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Three ways Fuse is disrupting the market

Learn about the significant ways Fuse software is turning practice management on its head.

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