Autoclaves and Sterilizers

Stay safe and efficient with a full array of autoclave and sterilization solutions

Protect the health of staff and patients alike with our efficient, effective autoclave and other sterilization solutions. Experience faster sanitization and drying times and even extend the longevity of your heat- and moisture-resistant instruments with the temperature-precise, pressurized steam of a dental autoclave. Our range of quality products takes care of your dry heat sterilization needs as well.

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Our autoclaves and sterilizers

Midmark M9 & M11 UltraClave sterilizer

M9 & M11 UltraClave sterilizer


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SciCan StatClave G4 autoclave

StatClave G4 autoclave


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SciCan STATIM G4 autoclave

STATIM G4 autoclave


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SciCan BRAVO G4 autoclave

BRAVO G4 autoclave


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W&H Lexa sterilizer

Lexa sterilizer


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Tuttnauer EZ autoclave

EZ autoclave


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Tuttnauer T-Edge autoclave

T-Edge autoclave


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When you’re an Advantage member, you’ll receive an emergency response call back within 4 hours and on-site service within 48 hours for inoperable compressors, vacuum pumps or sterilizers. We’ll be there when and where you need us with industry-leading support.
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