Dental Technology

Dental CAD/CAM technology for digital design and manufacturing

With revolutionary CAD/CAM technology, you can take impressions, design and mill fabrications quickly and without referring anything out. Or, you can choose an à la carte option that fits your needs – for instance, taking a digital impression in-office, but sending it instantly to a lab for fabrication.

Patients value dental practices that offer the convenience of single-visit restorations, and CAD/CAM opens a world of possibilities for other enhanced treatment. No matter which technology you choose, Patterson is fully committed to helping you successfully integrate CAD/CAM into your practice.

The Patterson Difference

  • Decades of industry-leading service and expertise
  • Nationwide network of certified service technicians
  • A full team of support specialists available via phone, email or online chat at the Patterson Technology Center

Discover your options

Patterson’s full line of CAD/CAM products lets you expand your practice’s digital dentistry portfolio within your procedural comfort zone. You’ll find the exact CAD/CAM products you need to ensure patient satisfaction and enable practice growth: digital impressioning tools, in-office milling units, and the software and accessories to optimize them.

Dental CAD/CAM scanning

Digital Scanning

Instantly take a digital impression that can be used in conjunction with a lab or on-site milling unit for a variety of treatments.

CAD/CAM Software

Software synchronizes with your CAD/CAM system to analyze images and calculate excellent restoration proposals.

Dental CAD/CAM CEREC milling


Chairside grinding and milling units provide extremely precise restorations that work perfectly with your system.

Dental CAD/CAM furnaces


CAD/CAM furnaces let you consider an even wider range of materials for your restorations and meet all your firing needs in office.

3D Dental CADCAM Printing

3D Printing

Dental practices can utilize 3D printing techniques to create surgical guides and 3D models.


Dental restorations

CAD/CAM orthodontics

Dental implants


Inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers in a single appointment


Fast, convenient, more comfortable treatment


Faster, more effective implantation tools and technology

Single-visit chairside restorations eliminate inconvenient impressions, time-wasting temporaries and unnecessary reduction of healthy tooth structure. Treat more patients, generate more revenue, and offer patients the esthetics they want in one visit.

Start offering your patients easier, faster, and more comfortable orthodontic treatment. Easily and quickly create a digital impression of the entire jaw to design and produce orthodontic appliances such as removable, fixed and functional appliances.

Design and place implants right in your operatory to maintain total control over the implant process, while enhancing its value to your practice. It’s simple with four easy-to-understand steps: Scan, Plan, Place, and Restore!

CAD/CAM resources & events


Learn with a group of your local peers about how CEREC technology enables you to activate the new ROI – restorations, orthodontics and implantology – to grow your practice.

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CEREC® Accept

Attend a hands-on training event hosted by Patterson Dental to see CEREC live and learn from experienced professionals about its many benefits.

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3Shape Showcase

Join us at a live, local event to learn how you can use the 3Shape TRIOS to create fast, accurate digital impressions and help patients better understand your recommendations.

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CEREC® Doctors

Connect with other doctors who are currently using CEREC tools and technology and maximize your investment.

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Consider digital impressioning for your practice toolbox

Digital Impressions: Make Your Scan Plan

Considering a digital scanner purchase? Take a moment to explore the clear benefits of scanning in this short downloadable article. Learn how scanning can change patient perception about dental impressions, and help you become significantly more efficient in your daily work.

Hear from your colleagues

"Simply put, CEREC has changed my life. As a CEREC trainer for the past decade and through, I’ve shared my passion for CAD/CAM technology with doctors throughout the world. I couldn’t believe in CEREC more strongly, and Patterson Dental has been an integral part of not only my success but the success of CEREC users nationwide."

- Sameer Puri, DDS | Scottsdale, Arizona

Sameer Puri, DDS