Save time and money with electronic statements

Improve your bottom line by adopting Fuse e-statements. Let go of tasks such as printing and mailing patient statements. Acquire the capability to customize and send email statements directly from Fuse to patients, or to a clearing house that prints, stuffs, stamps and mails them.
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Improve your bottom line with Fuse eStatements

Save costs

Send statements to a clearing house that prints and mails them out for you, all while saving $1.63 on average per statement.

Reduce paperwork and get back valuable time

Enhance collections, lower processing costs, decrease your accounts receivable balance, and maintain full control over your statements.

Screenshot of Fuse eStatements for dental practices

Fuse integration

Send statements based on a patient’s preferences for e-communications, mail or both from the Fuse Receivables page. Hand over mundane tasks such as printing, stuffing and mailing to a clearinghouse.

Screenshot of Fuse eStatements for dental practices

Professional statements

Create professional statements with customized messages and easy online payment options for patients. For statements that are mailed out, include a convenient return envelope.

Screenshot of Fuse eStatements for dental practices

Convenient online payment option

Provide patients with an online bill-pay portal for viewing paperless bills, seeing statement histories and paying online. Run daily activity reports that can be used for entering patient payments and managing your overall account.

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