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Managing patient communications will be easier than ever with Dental Intelligence for patient engagement. This modern, touchless solution prioritizes the patient experience so you can enjoy faster, more frequent contacts with patients while eliminating hundreds of hours of front-desk work. From scheduling and reminders to forms and payments, Dental Intelligence helps you automate and streamline every step of the patient cycle.
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Build better patient relationships and increase revenue with Dental Intelligence for patient engagement.

Dental Intelligence gives you innovative, effective and easy patient engagement tools to shape the future of your practice on your terms.
  • Prevent no-shows and reduce cancellations with two-way texting, automated reminders, mass marketing emails and online scheduling
  • Cut wait times with virtual check-ins
  • Increase treatment plan acceptance with customizable treatment and payment plans, versatile marketing tools and more
  • Add a personal touch to your patient communication with voicemail drops
  • Save time with digital forms
  • Get paid faster with our automated billing solution – from sending friendly payment reminders to automating payment collections
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Discover the benefits of Dental Intelligence for patient engagement

“I was using Dental Intelligence at another practice before recently relocating to my current location. I did not figure it would be that big of a deal to not have it and that I would get used to what the practice was using. Wrong! I missed it so much that I talked the doctor into moving over. The first day back, I felt like I was home again. I did not receive one complaint from the rest of the staff after they used it and the transition was flawless.”

Debbie Loree, Office Manager, Highland Family Dental

Connect with patients at every step of the process

Dental Intelligence helps you stay prepared with communication tools to connect with your patients before, during and after their visit. It allows you to shape the future of your practice on your terms.

Dental Intelligence Engagement online scheduling screen

Online scheduling

Dental Intelligence boasts the only online scheduling software your practice will ever need. The idea is simple – if it’s easy to schedule an appointment, more patients will schedule appointments. Our Online Scheduling lets your patients schedule fully booked appointments directly into your practice management system at any time and from anywhere. If they have a toothache at 3 a.m. on a Monday, their appointment with you is just a few clicks away.

Digital forms

Collecting and entering patient information is time consuming. In an increasingly paperless world, we provide online patient forms that make life easier for both patients and dental practices. Patients can complete forms online before their appointment, allowing you to keep your dental office wait times short. In addition, Dental Intelligence’s digital forms write back to your practice management software so that your office staff doesn’t have to spend valuable time trying to decipher patient handwriting or scanning copies of a paper form.
Dental Intelligence Engagement digital forms screen on mobile devices
Dental Intelligence Engagement two-way communication screen

Two-way communication

Our simple patient communication software allows your practice to connect with patients via the channels they prefer instead of having to confirm appointments over the phone. Easily connect with any patient over SMS text messages, email or the mobile app. Your patients receive messages in the channels they use most, so you can be sure your message is seen. Dental Intelligence’s Two-Way Communication system will make your daily tasks easier and reduce the number of outbound calls you need to make.

Treatment plans

As a dental professional, it’s easy for us to know exactly why treatment is needed. For a patient, it can be more difficult to understand their treatment options, why they’re necessary, and what that will mean for their wallet. Communicate this information to your patients in a clear and concise way with digital treatment plans. Dental Intelligence gives you patient-friendly, easy-to-understand, customizable treatment plan templates that patients can review and sign digitally so you can maximize case acceptance.
Dental Intelligence Engagement treatment plans screen
Dental Intelligence Engagement payments screen on mobile device


Even after you’ve provided dental care services in full, it can be difficult to collect payments that patients agreed to. Constant collection calls are awkward for patients and anxiety-inducing for your front desk team. We built Payments to make paying and getting paid easier for everyone. We help you find patients with outstanding balances, and then send friendly, customizable text and email reminders. We then automatically follow up, collect payment, and instantly update your practice management software.

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