Keep patients engaged with automated reminders

Save time and stop making countless appointment reminder phone calls when you put Eaglesoft's eReminders to work for you. The ultra-convenient service uses outbound messaging through phone calls, emails and/or text messages to remind patients about upcoming appointments. 

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Eaglesoft offers a comprehensive line of eServices. Learn more about our Revenue Cycle Management tools:  

  • Allows patients to swiftly and easily confirm their appointment  
  • Automatically updates the status of scheduled appointments  
  • Displays transaction details instantly in the online center  
  • Allows you to choose your reminder timeframe 

All plans include unlimited email.

Monthly cost 

Base Plan (up to 300 calls/text messages):  $80 
Plan 1 (up to 600 calls/text messages):  $120 
Plan 2 (up to 1000 calls/text messages):  $180 
Plan 3 (up to 1500 calls/text messages):  $230 
Plan 4 (up to 2000 calls/text messages):  $280 
Plan 5 (up to 3000 calls/text messages):           $380 

($0.20 per call over allotted plan.)