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Help patients reduce dental anxiety while you increase productivity with OperaVR, a virtual-reality-based, drug-free tool. OperaVR is scientifically proven to be as effective as a light narcotic at reducing pain and anxiety. It is easy to use and clean, and requires no set up.
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Transform your patient’s awareness from a dental procedure to a day at the beach, a coral reef or one of 60 other immersive experience, with new locations added every month at no additional cost. Effective on patients of all ages, OperaVR offers carefully crafted content in stereoscopic 3D, which means the patient looks forward the entire time, not moving his or her head to the side.
Virtual reality system: Requires OperaVR Headset with pre-installed OperaVR application
Web remote player: Requires Google Chrome

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OperaVR in the operatory

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“I love that they are quiet, calm and enjoying their time in my chair versus becoming upset and anxious. It saves me time when I'm working in multiple rooms, and referrals are going up!”

Dr. Nicole Holmes

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