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With Fuse, you can access all of your practice and patient data anywhere you have an internet connection. The intuitive, cloud-based practice management system for dental practices allows you to consolidate multi-location practice data and processes in one place and add locations easily.
Your team will experience simpler operational workflows that improve patient experience. Effortlessly unlock insights to improve processes and identify business opportunities.
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Simplify operational workflows with Fuse

Enable your dental practice to easily create seamless operational workflows, drive performance based on key practice insights, and make real-time connections between your practice, patients and team data across locations.
Fuse allows you to stay connected from anywhere at any time with a cloud-based platform that stores all your data – from patient health records to real-time practice insights.
Your team will enjoy an intuitive interface, smart screens and dashboards to easily assess your practice’s performance, prioritize work and see all of a patient’s information in one record.
You can expect superb support from our team of local and remote experts to get you through everything from onboarding to ongoing use.
Educational resources

Three ways Fuse is disrupting the market

Learn about the significant ways Fuse software is turning practice management on its head.

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Make your software switch as painless as possible

Our technology advisors have helped thousands of dental practices transition to a new practice management system. Find ideas for navigating an easier transition.

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How to get more from data in the cloud

Cloud practice management software can make your data more useful. Learn about the three benefits of your data in the cloud.

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Success stories

Dental practice owners and practitioners share the many ways that Fuse’s cloud-based connectivity and streamlined workflows are boosting productivity.
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Features: Business Operations

Keep your practice running smoothly

From the office manager to individual team members, everyone can improve their workdays with Fuse. Easily view data and insights to prioritize and make better decisions every day.
Features: Clinical

Connect dental clinicians with ease

Enjoy a seamless clinical workflow, from charting and planning dental treatments to writing electronic prescriptions.
Features: Front Office

Gain operational efficiencies in your front office

Easily manage tasks from scheduling to billing to insurance and everything in between with Fuse.
Features: Multi-locations & Groups

Bring your locations together on one system

Consolidate dental practice data, operational workflows and processes to enhance efficiencies and the patient experience.

Centralized appointment scheduling

Easily schedule for dental providers at any or all office locations.

Centralized insurance billing

Process insurance and billing for any or all office locations from one screen.

Centralized reporting

Obtain a holistic view of your entire business performance by viewing detail from all office locations or filtering to a single or subset of locations.

Patient crossover

With one patient health record and scheduling across locations, patients easily move between dental offices and experience a seamless patient experience.

Team crossover

Team members can work at any location and their Fuse preferences are saved to their login, so they will always have the same experience.

Add office locations

There is no limit to the number of locations that can be added to Fuse.  You can even add business offices for billing and scheduling locations.

Success Stories

Hear from your peers

Dentists, office managers and hygienists share their perspectives on the benefits of Fuse practice management software.
David J. Park, DMD, owner of Clear Lakes Dental, has multi-location practice growth down to a science. Fuse cloud-based practice management software helps him to cultivate transparency across location
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Anthony Le, DMD

Fuse connects everyone at Victus Dental

Cloud-based connectivity made practice expansion go smoothly

Practice owner Anthony Le, DMD, envisions expanding up to six locations in Pensacola. Thanks to his cloud-based practice management software, providers and staff can access a centralized database from any office – and even from home.

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Dental practice manager Barb Cline

Reaching true connection

Two front office professionals describe how Fuse connects staff and data across locations

Dental practice manager Barb Cline and administrative assistant Rena Smith find that Fuse is “ridiculously time-saving.” Reduced paperwork plus transparency between the front and back offices lead to a polished patient experience.

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Maryam Motlagh, DMD, FICCMO

Peer to peer: Why I use Fuse

Since early 2020, virtual connection has become an indispensable way of life. Maryam Motlagh, DMD, FICCMO, describes how switching to Fuse, with its cloud-based platform, has helped her practice overcome the challenges posed by the past two years and, in fact, helped it thrive.

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