The VOCO SolFlex 650 3D Printer uses DLP technology to produce the highest quality precision prints, faster than ever before. With 25 micron accuracy, models and all printed parts are produced with highest precision. The 385 nm light engine allows for crystal clear and cloudless aesthetics when printing clear appliances like splints, retainers, nightguards, and dental models.
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Dentists who demand a precise, efficient and reliable 3D printer for their digital workflow will find it in the SolFlex 650. As a creative innovation, this printer was designed, engineered and assembled with utmost consideration for precision, speed and quality.

The SolFlex 650 has a DLP light source that moves into 6 different positions in order to keep the same distance from the light source to the build object. Thanks to the Moving DLP Technology, printing quality and precision will remain high regardless of where the object is placed on the platform. This becomes very important for high precision objects like crown and bridge models with dyes.

The SolFlex 650’s 385 nm light source falls below the visible light spectrum, allowing the unit to create clear and cloudless appliances using materials like V Print Ortho. Patented FlexVat reduces peeling forces, resulting in the ability to print at rapid speeds. The FlexVat effect also reduces the amount of support structures needed, saving time and material.
  • Industrial Grade DLP Technology
  • 385 nm light engine allows for clear and cloudless aesthetics
  • FlexVat Technology reduces peeling forces resulting in quicker prints and less material use
  • Sensor Monitored Production (SMP) feature speeds up print times up to 40%
  • Ideal for dentists who want to print up to 18 splints or 24 surgical guides at once
  • SolFlex 650 is an Open Material System, meaning other resin manufacturers' products can be used
  • A service team of dental experts assists in the transition to 3D printing
  • Print bed: 128 x 120 mm (6 exposure areas)
  • Maximum build height: 130 mm
  • Machine footprint: 400 x 400 mm
  • Pixel size: 50 μm
  • Precision: 25 μm
  • Layer thickness: 25 – 200 μm
  • Recommended software: NetFabb
SolFlex 650 Brochure: Download
V-Print 3D Printing Material Brochure: Download