Go Green

We value our environment

As a values-driven company, we’re committed to sustainability

Patterson operates globally in a safe and responsible manner. We don’t compromise our environmental, health or safety (EHS) values for profit or production. We are passionate about working safely, promoting health, and protecting our community and the environment.
We aim to be a leader of EHS commitment in our industry. To reach this goal, we’ve lowered the carbon footprint of some of our buildings, engaged employees in recycling programs, and developed relationships with suppliers and partners that reflect our values. We’ve also established policies for spill prevention, air emissions reductions, waste management and water management.

We’re keeping our logistics green

The scale of our operations provides us with opportunities to reduce our impact on the planet. Each day our logistics team processes 18,000 orders in 35,000 packages and one out of every two trucks is delivering a Patterson package. We are committed to using our logistics expertise to get these items to customers with lower emissions. We’re also working to use the minimum amount of cardboard possible while reusing and recycling other packaging materials like shrink wrap and pallets when we can.

Our floss-ophy is taking good care of the planet

At Patterson, we walk the talk of our values including our commitment to sustainability. We strive to make continuous improvements in our operations in order to reduce our carbon footprint and support the environment. Here’s some of what we’ve done already:

How you can help us

We’ve examined every aspect of our logistics to reduce our impact on the environment. As part of this process we’ve discovered where you, our customers, can help. Please consider consolidating your request for items into a single order. When you do this, you help further reduce the amount of packaging we use, and the transportation emissions required to get you what you need.