Stay connected and stay safe with teledentistry

Your business doesn’t stop when the practice doors close. RevenueWell Virtual Office synchronous solution can help you keep patient connections going and your team productive when you’re working away from the practice.
Video conferencing for teledentistry delivers a reliable, safe and secure connection to your patients. Virtual Office seamlessly integrates into your practice workflow and enables quick follow-up consultation or patient triage for those who may require immediate care. In short, the solution offers a safer, more productive visit for patient, doctor and staff.

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Provide Better Service with Virtual Visits
Face-to-face interaction with a patient does not always have to mean bringing them into the practice. A five-minute teledentistry consultation can save hours of time for both you and your patient, it can happen sooner (thus be more effective), and it may even be the only option available when your patient is out of town.
Reduce Overhead and Risk of Nonessential Visits
Through video conferencing, you can quickly determine whether your patient requires an immediate, in-office visit or if it’s a situation that can be scheduled and later treated.
Improve Patient Experience and Satisfaction
Provide immediate attention and care to your patients with real-time video communications.
Improve Health Outcomes and Accessibility to Those in Need
Reach patients that would otherwise forgo a trip to the dentist’s office.
Help build better patient relationships when you’re away from the office with RevenueWell’s Virtual Office solution, which includes:
  • Teledentistry – synchronous live video chat
  • WebPhone – call from the office phone number when working remotely
  • Schedule – view schedule by operatory and appointment details
  • Instant messaging – 2-way texts from practice phone number, screen pop and website text integration
  • Access to patient details – gain access to details (appointment history, insurance coverage, etc.) when you can’t access your practice software
  • HIPAA compliant communication methods

Guide to teledentistry insurance coding

Learn about teledentistry coding and billing so you can get paid while delivering safe and effective care.

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Virtual visit checklist

Make your virtual visits successful with this helpful checklist that will leave you feeling prepared and keep your patients at ease.

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Step-by-step teledentistry process

Take teledentistry one step at a time with this complete step-by-step process.

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Your practice readiness scale

Learn where to focus your efforts when setting up virtual visits.

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Embracing virtual visits

Read about how one Minnesota dental practice is embracing digital connection to advance patient care.

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