Collect patient information faster with digital forms

RevenueWell Forms gives you an easy, paperless way to collect patient information online and in your waiting area. It’s fully integrates with your practice management system and is proven to speed up check-ins, streamline operations, and reduce no-shows. 

  • Reduce no-shows: RevenueWell Forms are proven to virtually eliminate no-shows. Some Forms users have dropped their no-show rate as low as .004%! Add digital forms.
  • Speed up patient check-in: Cut down time in the waiting room! Ask patients to complete forms online before their appointment or use the RevenueWell Forms app to quickly check them in. 
  • Streamline your front desk: Make life easier for your front desk team members! No more copying. No more scanning. No more shredding documents. ​​
  • Enhance patient experience: Today’s lifestyle is all about convenience, so why not give patients control over when and how they complete their forms. 
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Explore RevenueWell’s entire suite of engagement solutions:  

RevenueWell’s paperless forms are designed specifically for dental practices and provide a complete electronic solution to check-ins, making office life a little easier.

PMS integration 
Uploads and syncs completed patient forms back to Eaglesoft. 


Treatment plans 
Capture patient signatures on the spot for treatment plans via an iPad. 


Family check-in 
Allow responsible parties to complete electronic forms for all their dependents at once. 


HIPAA consent 
Gather HIPAA consent digitally and sync directly to Eaglesoft. 


Custom form builder 
Create any form with a simple drag-and-drop builder. 


Pre-populate info 
Pre-populate patient forms for your existing patients and save time at check-in. 


iPad app 
Complete forms via a tablet in the office and eliminate the paper clutter! 


ID scan 
Scan driver’s license to populate information more quickly.