Elevate your marketing and patient communications

Enable your dental practice to easily attract new patients, improve communications and automate everyday tasks with the RevenueWell patient communication, marketing and engagement platform. Maximize your patient value and streamline your processes so you can focus on what matters most – your patients’ oral health.

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Discover the benefits of RevenueWell

Boost your bottom line, connect with patients, and get more out of your day with RevenueWell’s dental practice marketing and communication solutions.
  • Maintain a full schedule by reducing no-shows and cancellations with automated appointment reminders. Make patients aware of last-minute openings through email, text or a phone call to fill holes in your schedule.
  • Increase revenue with the functionality to read dental codes for proposed treatments, and automatically deliver appointment reminders and contact unscheduled hygiene patients.
  • Attract new patients by easily marketing your practice with improved online visibility, ready-made social media content, and the capabilities to turn satisfied patients into loyal advocates.

System requirements 

  • 32-bit or 64-bit versions of: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008  

  • Mozilla Firefox V7 or higher, Internet Explorer V8 or higher 

  • 2 GB of RAM 

  • 1 GB of available disk space 

  • Pentium 4 or better

Enhancing communications during COVID-19

Learn how a Maryland-based dental practice put RevenueWell to work, with COVID-19 as a catalyst.

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Overview of RevenueWell

Learn about the benefits of this marketing platform to your practice and the tools that will help your practice thrive

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7 ways RevenueWell helps grow your practice

Learn how RevenueWell helps increase revenue, minimize empty chair time and much more.

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See what RevenueWell can do for you

Dental offices that use RevenueWell see an average annual revenue increase of $73,000

Appointment reminders

Create an intelligent, automatic communication for each step of the appointment lifecycle to keep your schedule full and reduce no-shows.

Realize time savings and convenience with the following features:
  • Confirmations that sync with your practice management software
  • Sequenced appointment reminders that may include postcards, emails, texts and phone calls
  • Confirmations for a family appointment with a single email, text, postcard or phone call to the responsible party
  • Ability to quickly fill last minute cancellations through an ASAP list notification to call or text patients looking for an earlier appointment

Online scheduling

Almost 70 percent of patients prefer booking appointments online. Meet their needs with online scheduling while you keep control of and fill your schedule.
Enjoy features allowing you to:
  • Sync to your practice management software for maximum efficiency
  • Set appointment times and types for patients to select from online
  • Approve or decline appointments as needed

Newsletters and campaigns

Educate and engage with your patients, share practice updates and promote your full breadth of services with newsletters and campaigns. Create your own campaigns from scratch or pull from a plug-and-play campaign library that offers customizable content.
Expand your communications by:
  • Accessing 100+ predesigned campaigns on a range of topics such as dental appliances, preventative and cosmetic dentistry, and more
  • Educating patients with prebuilt monthly newsletters that provide information on dental conditions, oral health habits and more
  • Reaching the right patient audience with the ability to target specific patient subsets

Specific treatment communication

Promote your patients’ health by providing them with information to support the best care possible, and:
  • Increase treatment plan acceptance
  • Improve outcomes and the patient experience by sending electronic post-op instructions to patients before they even leave the practice
  • Help patients make informed decision with automatic treatment reminders

Social media

Engage with existing patients and connect with new ones with a strong social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. RevenueWell removes the pressure of coming up with the right content and finding the time to post it.
You will:
  • Acquire access to a large library of ready-made social media posts and ideas
  • Subscribe to professionally curated content streams that preschedule and automatically post updates upon your approval
  • Gain the ability to post to your Facebook and Twitter profiles directly from the RevenueWell interface
  • Easily share and post patient reviews on social media

Online reviews

Consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, so building your online reputation will help your practice attract new patients and grow.
RevenueWell makes it easy to connect with happy patients and collect reviews by:
  • Automatically texting or emailing patients to rate their experience after their appointment
  • Monitoring patient reviews so you can thank patients for good reviews, follow up quickly on any negative review, and direct patients to leave more testimonials on other sites as well

Patient portal

Give your patients the convenience they expect with an online, self-service patient portal. Configure the features and information available in the portal to align with your front desk processes.
It will be easier than ever to:
  • Empower patients to independently access appointment and treatment histories for themselves and any dependents on their account
  • Notify patients of overdue hygiene appointments and request a visit on the spot
  • Enable doctors and patients to securely share files like X-rays, treatment plan presentations and financial documents and stay in full HIPAA compliance
  • Accelerate your cash cycle with links to make payments online and allow patients to view and print detailed transaction histories

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