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From patient scheduling and insurance claims to paperless charting and digital image manipulation, Eaglesoft is your entire-practice solution.

Eaglesoft’s easy-to-use interface can help you streamline operation and increase your practice’s efficiency.

  • Create streamlined productive and profitable work schedules
  • Integrate between practice management, clinical and most digital imaging software


Eaglesoft: integral to your Patterson Revolve experience

From Eaglesoft to data analytics, we’ll partner with you to identify your needs and use our comprehensive Patterson Revolve Software Solutions to meet them.

End-to-end software solutions design to meet your growing needs.


Getting Started

We’ll guide you through a smooth transition

There are many things to consider when selecting practice management software. Whether you’ll get the support you need shouldn’t be one of them.

Our skilled experts will support you every step of the way. From data conversion to customized training and implementation, we’ll build plans based on your office’s individual needs.

Get the industry’s most comprehensive data conversions

Our skilled data conversion team will transfer the data in your current system to your new software. No need to worry if your current system is outdated or obsolete. In fact, we’ve converted data from over 200 different systems – some may be identical to the one you’re using now.

We’re so sure we can do it, we’ll provide a free opportunity for you to preview your patient information in Eaglesoft – before you commit.

Gain peace of mind when your software is fully supported

Service Club members get unlimited live support from our dedicated team, who are each certified in Eaglesoft product knowledge.

Eaglesoft Service Club membership includes:

  • Product updates
  • Unlimited Live Chat, Email, and phone assistance
  • Webinars
  • 24/7 access to our online FAQ Knowledge Base
  • Weekly Tips & Tricks eNewsletter from your support experts
  • …and more!

Our knowledgeable and friendly support specialists are ready to answer your questions.

Monday – Friday: 6 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. CST
Saturday: 7 a.m. - noon CST

Get free software upgrades

Every time we deliver new functionality, you reap the benefits. No fees, no hassle.

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Access quarterly webinars led by our Technology Advisors and get Tips & Tricks emails.

Get mobile access

Access Eaglesoft from your smartphone or tablet. Get patient information, proposed treatments, your schedule…even assign tasks remotely.

Practice Management

Eaglesoft is your full-service practice management software

Do all your accounting in one window: Quickly track services, charges and payments

Insurance claims, patient walkout statements and reporting are easier than ever.

  • Line item accounting. Track what’s charged and how it’s paid. Communicate with patients about outstanding balances.
  • Family walkout. Quickly enter charges for multiple family members. Handle part-cash/part-credit payments – for single or multiple family members.
  • Smart claims and invoices. Create insurance claims or invoices by highlighting transactions in the account ledger. You can even click the Smart Invoice button by itself and get a summary of the transactions for the day.
  • Date-based reporting. Isolate data and run reports by specific dates.
  • Automatic account aging. Account balances are automatically aged for you.
  • Bulk payments. See a complete list of open claims, process payments and insurance adjustments, update coverage books, enter account notes, save and return late.
Create efficient, productive and profitable workdays

Schedule multiple providers in multiple operatories and quickly identify opportunities within your appointment book. Plus, patient information displayed in the appointment block is fully customizable, making HIPAA compliance a snap.

  • Flexible time units. Choose 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 or 60-minute time units.
  • Book side-by-side appointments. Appointments appear in the same column.
  • See schedules the way you want. Customize schedule views by provider or chair.
  • Find free time. Find open times in your schedule and then “pin” the list to your schedule for easy access throughout the day.
Present clear and concise treatment plans and treatment plan options to your patients
Integrate financial and insurance coverage estimates into your treatment plan. Add images and capture consent digitally.
Track your practice’s success with a full range of tools

Get more control over your practice.

  • Dental Intelligence. Analyze your data and measures team performance.
  • Practice Growth Report. Get an overview of the entire practice in an easy-to-read graphical display, including production versus collection totals, accounts receivable totals, adjustments and patient production.
  • InContact. Store patient groups based on Recalls, Post-Op Calls and more to facilitate recalls or generating mailings.
  • Reports. Search by category and create customized Favorites lists.
  • Money Finder. Access a concise list of patients who fit your practice’s needs at any given moment.
  • Trends. Track your practice’s performance according to specified criteria; import and enter monthly and yearly data.
Make communicating with your team – and patients easy

Get rid of paper charts in the most efficient manner possible. Create and save all pertinent information and communications digitally in one patient record.

  • Store all your documentation and customized forms in SmartDoc.
  • Store tooth and perio charting, clinical notes and patient images in one patient record.
  • Allow patients to digitally sign – right within their record.
  • Get access to Casey Cloud’s education videos and materials to assist in communicating diagnoses, treatment plans and general oral care with your patients.
Digital Imaging

Integrate with digital imaging software to streamline diagnosis

Eaglesoft provides the most complete digital integration package on the market today. Acquire and store all image types — video to digital X-rays — in one patient record. You can even use the Dolphin 3D tools to manipulate and enhance your 3D images.

  • View X-rays and treatment plans from a single screen
  • Acquire, store and manipulate intraoral and extraoral images; store intraoral video directly
  • Integrate with Dentsply Sirona’s Sidexis Imaging and Kavo Kerr's DEXIS Imaging
  • Interface with most other imaging software platforms, including Planmeca; Air Techniques; Instrumentarium; Soredex; Progeny


Help your patients visualize the benefits of your cosmetic procedures

Cosmetic imaging makes applying cosmetic enhancements simple. All cosmetic images are saved and retained in the patient’s record and easily accessed throughout the software.

  • Before-and-after comparison is just one click away for treatment presentations
  • Customizable presentations and reports
  • Smile Try-in
  • Lorin Smile Library of 72 images (optional)
  • Customizable Smile Library
  • Teeth whitening
  • Lengthen and reshape teeth
  • Rebuild broken-down, chipped or cracked teeth

Send and receive images in the DICOM standard format

As the leader in integrated technologies, we’ve released DICOM Imaging (digital imaging and communication in medicine) for Eaglesoft. DICOM —the medical imaging standard -- allows digital images to be shared in a standard format and read by different imaging systems.
View the DICOM Conformance Statement

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Additional solutions

Get the most out of Eaglesoft with solutions that streamline your workflow and help you grow your practice

Eaglesoft’s electronic service tools help you streamline your operations with insurance, billing & security features.

In addition, Eaglesoft solutions help you grow your practice with patient engagement and practice analytics solutions.


Never worry about losing an attachment again with eAttachments

  • Send attachments directly from your software
  • Attach all X-rays, perio charts, EOBs, narratives and more
  • Save by sending electronically instead of mailing


Help your patients get the dentistry they need with CareCredit

Nearly every day, more than 12,000 people apply for CareCredit so they can pay for the care they need.*

In addition, with CareCredit integrated into your Eaglesoft software, you can:

  • Process CareCredit credit card transactions
  • Automatically post payments to ledgers
  • Look up account numbers

*Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required.


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