Eaglesoft Upgrade

Upgrade to the latest version of Eaglesoft

This page is for Eaglesoft Service Club members who are ready to upgrade to the newest version of Eaglesoft.

What’s new in Eaglesoft 23.00?

Our new “Date of Birth” search option allows you to easily find the right patient record and avoid creating duplicate records when patients have the same name or when they have mismatched names on insurance claims.

Before completing the upgrade, please complete the following:

  1. Confirm that your computer meets our hardware requirements.
  2. Consult with your hardware provider to confirm Windows Updates are current and reboot. This is to avoid any delays during installation.
  3. Obtain your Eaglesoft license number. Contact us     if you need a copy.
  4. Backup     your data.
  5. Schedule your installation after business hours.
  6. You will need up to 30 minutes per computer to run the installation
  7. Download the install.

Download instructions

Refer to Answer 22724 for a detailed guide on upgrade instructions and installation options.

View Answer 22724

Install Eaglesoft 23.00

Eaglesoft 23.00 and higher are intended for the use of United States customers only. To begin the installation process, download the latest version of Eaglesoft.

Download now

Installing on multiple computers

View information and instructions for installing the upgrade on multiple computers.

  • If you are upgrading from Eaglesoft 20.00 or below:
Eaglesoft 21.30 Workstation Installation

  • If you are upgrading from Eaglesoft 20.10 or above:
Eaglesoft 21.30 Silent Workstation Installation


Download prior versions of Eaglesoft

Refer to Answer 23400 to view information related to prior Eaglesoft releases, including new features, installation guides and download links.

View Answer 23400

Digital integration downloads

If you are installing Eaglesoft on a new workstation use the download links below to install additional digital integrations you may need.


Contact the Patterson Technology Center