Eaglesoft Upgrade

Upgrade to the latest version of Eaglesoft

This page is for Eaglesoft Service Club members who are ready to upgrade to the newest version of Eaglesoft.

In order to complete the upgrade, you will need:

Download Eaglesoft 21.00

Eaglesoft 21.00 and higher are intended for the use of United States customers only. Canadian customers that upgrade will be installed as United States and may lose data. 


Avoid delays during installation

TO AVOID DELAYS DURING INSTALLATION, YOU MUST RUN ALL WINDOWS UPDATES AND REBOOT PRIOR TO INSTALLING! To confirm updates are complete, go to Windows Update from the Control Panel, or reach out to your hardware provider.

Reinstall SimpleAttach

If you are currently using SimpleAttach to process eAttachments, you will need to reinstall SimpleAttach after you download and install this latest version of Eaglesoft. 

Download SimpleAttach

Download Instructions

  • Click the Download Now button and click SAVE to save the file into the Downloads folder on your computer.
  • To locate the downloads folder, click Start | Computer and then click the Downloads folder on the left-hand side.
  • For Windows 10, click Start | Downloads.

Installation options

Installing on multiple computers

Option 1: Share the Download

  • Download the file once, then share it across your network.
  • This option is best for a large number of computers to install.
  • Here is how to share a folder across your network.

Option 2: Repeat Download on Each Computer
  • This will allow you to have the download available at each computer so a copy can be found in each computer's Downloads folder.


Digital integration downloads


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