Eaglesoft Release Highlights

Enjoy our new features for greater ease

Eaglesoft dental practice management software

Experience new Eaglesoft features to make your work easier. Our updates are based on user feedback to ensure we’re enhancing Eaglesoft to make it an even better practice management solution.

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Version 21.00

End of period processing

Make end-of-period processing easier than ever with functionality for one-and-done scheduling. Eaglesoft makes it easy to set it up and see it through.

AutoSDS integration
Enjoy seamless access to AutoSDS, a regulatory management system that keeps your Safety Data Sheet (SDS) requirements up to date, with a new integration in Eaglesoft.
Learn about AutoSDS

Version 20.00

Gain new efficiencies in Eaglesoft with version 20.00. Take advantage of several user-interface enhancements, including:

  • New Smart Note selections that make it easier and more efficient to enter consistent notes in Auto Notes
  • More functionality in Note History, including the ability to increase font size, change the color of Note types and add surface to a Note
  • A fresher, more modern Tooth Chart

RX Writer changes

See deleted prescriptions with a strike-through over them in RX Writer prior to end-of-day processing and in the Note History.

Version 19.10

Integrated imaging

Enjoy integrated functionality of approved imaging applications within Eaglesoft.

Display additional future appointments

View more upcoming appointments with the Walkout Statement printout, which shows up to 12 future visits for a family.

Inactive patients
See inactive patients show up in light gray text in the Account screen.

Smart Invoice
See updated wording on the Smart Invoice that more accurately reflects which transactions are from the current day versus previous days.

Last Preventative Appointment Date prompt
Receive a prompt to confirm or modify the date for the Last Preventative appointment when you’re deleting a completed service set. This helps ensure that the patient’s recall date is set correctly.

Version 19.00

Supplemental insurance

Set a third insurance policy on a patient’s record so you can manually submit claims and post insurance payments for supplemental coverage, whether it’s medical or dental insurance.

CareCredit integration

Use the CreditCard integration so CareCredit offices can enter payments and perform refunds in Eaglesoft.

FAQ links

Quickly access the Supplemental Insurance FAQ through an FAQ link, which can be found by clicking on the Supplemental tab in the Edit Person Screen.

CMS 1500 form

Enjoy a new option to print the CMS 1500 form to a blank sheet of paper by choosing “Blank CMS 1500 - 2012.”

Changing employer/insurance
View and change Employer information on a dependent’s Edit Patient window with the Employer hyperlink.

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