CAD/CAM TiBase Kits & Abutment Screws
CAD/CAM TiBase Kits are implant superstructures that contain a titanium base, abutment screw and scanbody. Individually manufactured mesostructures, provisional restorations or final dental restorations can be glued onto the TiBase. The glued parts are then screwed onto the matching implant with the abutment screw in the patient’s mouth. The scanbody is used only to scan the position of the implant in order to design the anatomical features, size and shape of a tooth restoration with computer software. The Sirona TiBase comes in various versions, each of which is compatible with a specific implant system. All parts are intended for single use only.

CAD/CAM TiBase Kits & Abutment Screws (72)

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