For more than 30 years, CEREC® solutions from Dentsply Sirona have provided technological precision, superior design and excellent performance to thousands of practices. Acquire precise digital impressions with CEREC Primescan, design your proposal on the Primescan using the intelligent software, then produce precise, smooth restorations with CEREC Primemill milling unit. With CEREC Speedfire, you can produce and sinter full-contour zirconia in a single visit. Find the next level of productivity and patient care – it’s all here.
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Welcome to superior speed, accuracy and ease. CEREC Primescan AC enables you to complete all things dentistry, all in one seamless system. Experience an unparalleled digital workflow solution, brought to you by the world’s largest manufacturer of professional dental products and technologies – Dentsply Sirona.

Primescan AC’s dynamic-depth scanner allows you to capture full jaw scans in less than a minute with unprecedented image quality. For every 3D image, the Primescan scanner consolidates more than 50,000 images per second, offering an unprecedented level of scanning precision.

The all new Acquisition Center delivers an anti-reflection touchscreen; a sleek, smooth touchpad surface; kinematics for flexibility; a motion sensor for instant, automated activation; an anti-fog heater and a full day battery charge.

CEREC Primemill is a chairside milling solution that can produce single-unit restorations, including crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers in a single visit. It also has the capability to mill abutments, surgical guides, bridges and other multiple-unit restorations from a vast range of materials, (e.g. glass ceramics, lithium disilicate and translucent zirconium oxide) in your practice for greater control and efficiency to existing workflows. Accommodates block sizes up to 70 mm.

A combination of new electronics, software, motors and mechanical components contributes to finer resolution and enhanced dynamics resulting in outstanding restoration margins and surface details for extremely precise results. Choose from the full spectrum of machining options, including dry and wet milled zirconia, or wet grinding of glass and hybrid ceramics. No matter the indication, with the CEREC Primemill you can select from a broad range of material options from validated partners.

CEREC SpeedFire is capable of sintering a full-contour zirconia crown in 10 to 15 minutes, dependent upon size and volume. Designed for seamless integration into the CEREC workflow, the CEREC SpeedFire allows you to offer patients the strength of zirconia in a single visit. Simply design and mill restorations as usual, then sinter with CEREC SpeedFire. Finish with CEREC SpeedGlaze spray and the restoration is ready to seat.
Primescan scanner
  • Offers realistic representation of the 3D model (color, surface)
  • Provides perfect focus up to a depth of 20 mm
  • Captures one million 3D pixels per second
  • Intelligent Processing technology filters, processes and compresses high volumes of data so models can be calculated faster
  • Performs high-frequency contrast analysis (patent-pending)
  • Supports relative movements between the tip of the camera and the surface of the tooth, from 0 mm/s to 25 mm/s, discarding unnecessary data immediately
  • Easily scans a variety of metal surfaces, including amalgam and gold
Acquisition Center
  • Moveable widescreen touch display offers optimal ergonomics in every situation
  • Intuitive touchpad allows for full gesture control and improved usability
  • New, enhanced design features modern elements combined with well-established mobility and robustness
  • Unmatched disinfection and cleaning concept provides hygiene peace-of-mind
Primemill milling unit
  • Fast scanning with CEREC Primescan
  • Highest scan accuracy
  • Excellent clinical results
Speedfire furnace
  • Compatible with conventional cements - no bonding required
  • Chairside application
  • Minimally Invasive
  • Perfect Fit
  • Efficient and simple workflow