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Reclaim time, energy and revenue with the Eaglesoft Insurance Suite, powered by Change Healthcare. Expedite your time to cash and expand efficiencies in your insurance workflows with electronic claims, eligibility checks, electronic attachments and eRAs.
Join the thousands of Eaglesoft customers who have already automated their insurance processes and improve your cash flow today.

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Eaglesoft offers a comprehensive line of eServices. Learn more about our Revenue Cycle Management tools:

Experience a suite of advantages

Experience speed and ease with Eaglesoft Insurance Suite

Increase efficiencies and accelerate time to cash from insurance payers by streamlining the entire revenue cycle with the Eaglesoft Insurance Suite.
You will experience comprehensive payer connectivity to seamlessly meet your practice needs with Change Healthcare – our partner of more than 20 years and the market leader in electronic dental transaction processing.
Discover the benefits of Eaglesoft Insurance Suite:
  • Less time spent on denied claims
  • Increased case acceptance when you can easily see and relay information to patients on treatments, related insurance coverage and copays
  • Improved patient experiences with easy access to information in Eaglesoft to answer patient questions
  • More efficient workflows for revenue cycle management and insurance processing
  • Fewer frustrations for employees to support increased satisfaction
  • Faster claims processing through your connection to comprehensive payer connectivity with the nation’s single largest financial and administrative network
*Restrictions may apply. Offer may not be valid for customers using one of the solutions mentioned. This offer may not be valid in all states.

Real-time eligibility

Stop wasting time waiting on the phone or pouring over websites to check patient insurance eligibility.  With a click of a button in Eaglesoft get immediate, real-time patient benefit information and have more informed and timely conversations with patients regarding their insurance.

Instant verification

Instantly verify patient benefit information within Eaglesoft

Seamless tracking

Easily note you’ve checked for eligibility in a patient’s account

Greater treatment plan acceptance

Immediately access information on coverage, copays and eligibility to improve conversations with patients

Electronic claims

Reduce claim rejections, receive faster turnaround on insurance payments and minimize lost revenue by sending electronic claims.
Keep informed of claims status with automated daily reports, based on previous day electronic claim submissions, to know what claims were approved or rejected at the clearinghouse or by the insurance company. Access additional reporting options including claim status, detail on rejected claims, claims by date range and more in the eClaims Connect portal.

Integrated claim processing

Easily process and submit electronic claims and correct and resubmit any rejected claims within Eaglesoft.

Reduce claim errors

Receive prompts within Eaglesoft if claims being submitted electronically are missing information to quickly update as needed.

Minimize lost revenue

Track claim status, including unsubmitted and aging claims, within Eaglesoft to make sure all claims are processed in a timely manner.

Electronic attachments

Increase your time to cash from insurance payers by sending complete and accurate claims and attachments electronically, without the delay of mail.

Integrated attachments

Easily attach x-rays, perio charts, narratives, EOBs or other paper documents by uploading a document or taking a screen capture from Eaglesoft.

Verify payer rules

Easily verify payer and procedure code rules with a single click to ensure attachment requirements are met to reduce time spent creating attachments and the risk of denied claims.

Attachment confirmations

Receive an assigned reference number and successful submission notifications on all electronic attachments.

Electronic remittance advice (ERAs)

Save time and improve insurance payment accuracy with ERAs. Once the insurance payer makes payment, an ERA is sent and synced to Eaglesoft notifying you of claim and amounts that have been paid by insurance prior to your practice receiving physical payment.

Faster payment posting

ERA information including payment date, payer name, check numbers, EFT numbers and payment information is synced to Eaglesoft so posting payments takes minutes instead of hours. Payment can be posted at the service code level and claim level.

View payment details

View the claim detail within Eaglesoft, for each ERA received, to quickly understand what claim is being paid, what amount, the status of the claim and the full EOB for additional details including why full payment wasn’t made on the claim.

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