Patient Engagement

Grow your practice by improving patient interactions before, during and after their visit

Dentist using patient engagement tools to speak with patients

Look to Patterson to help you select patient engagement software tools that enable you to more effectively communicate with and market to your patients. Our solutions offer patient education, staff/patient text and chat options and even virtual reality alternatives to pain medication, directly improving patient experience at every visit. Experience the digitally intelligent way to build long-lasting patient relationships, attract repeat visits and gain referrals.

Highlighted Solutions



Patient communication and marketing tool for your dental practice.

• Send automated communications such as birthday cards, post-op instructions, treatment plan follow-ups, marketing campaigns
• Send appointment reminders via phone, email or text
• Allow patients to request appointments or make payments online
• Survey your patients and allow patients to post reviews of their dental visit
• *NEW* Online Patient Forms now available through RevenueWell Forms

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Improving the dental experience for providers and their patients.

• Reduce no-shows and cancellations
• Fill last-minute appointment openings
• Get more patients
• Increase visits
• Improve patient satisfaction

Dental Practice Management Services

Caesy Cloud

Utilize education videos and materials to assist in communicating diagnoses, treatment plans, and general oral care with your patients.

• Bring in new patients
• Increase patient case acceptance
• Effectively communicate treatment options, complex procedures and post op
• Easily share educational material with patients via videos, printed material or email
• Add the patient education material to your practice website

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Offering paperless forms and mix and match patient communication solutions to upgrade your practice.

• Reduce paperwork with a single click 
• Communicate instantly with your staff 
• Effortlessly fill your schedule 
• Take control of your online reputation

OperaVR Logo - Digital Nitrous


Reduce dental anxiety with a virtual reality-based, drug-free tool.

• Scientifically proven to be as effective as a light narcotic at reducing pain and anxiety
• Requires no setup
• Easy to use and to clean
• Increases your team’s productivity
• Ships with more than 60 experiences and free new ones every month


Save time, reduce no-shows and stop making countless appointments with Eaglesoft’s eReminders.

• Allows patients to swiftly and easily confirm their appointment
• Automatically updates the status of scheduled appointments
• Displays transaction details instantly in the online center
• Allows you to choose your reminder timeframe