Intraoral Digital Imaging

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Intraoral at a Glance

Whether you’ve been in the field of dentistry for a few months or a few decades, intraoral dentistry has been a vital part of your practice portfolio. Here, a film or sensor is placed inside the patient’s mouth to get a complete picture of the oral maxillofacial region. As your trusted partner, Patterson has a variety of ways to expedite X-rays without sacrificing quality of care.

Intraoral radiograph types

Intraoral Bitewing Digital Image


Used to visualize the crowns of posterior teeth and examine for interdental or recurrent caries.

Intraoral Periapical Digital Imaging

Periapicals (posterior and anterior)

Generally used to capture the tip of the root on film to determine the cause of pain. Allows dentists to visualize the tooth as well as the surrounding bone.

Intraoral Occlusal Digital Imaging


The occlusal view reveals the skeletal anatomy of either the floor of the mouth or the palate.

Our intraoral solutions

No more waiting for image exposure – experience immediate processing with our range of digital sensors.

Detailed image of the front and back of the KaVo IXS intraoral sensor

Capture market-leading image quality with dedicated filtering options and an enhanced low-dose dynamic range.

Experience sharp and dependable image quality in a sensor built to last.

Enjoy the combination of image quality, patient-centered design, and usability.

Easy-to-use method requires minimal training to get started. Enjoy a familiar film-style workflow, with faster results.

Intraoral Digtal Imaging

Use these wall-mounted or handheld units to quickly capture flawless X-ray images. Identify infections, abscesses and even small cysts and tumors.