Patterson® EFP / Halogen Reflector / 8.33 A / 100 W / 12 V / MR16 / GZ6.35 2 Pin - Patterson Dental Supply

Used with AGFA C66, Baty Gagemaster 14 Surface Bulb, Baty Gagemaster 20 Surface Bulb, Baty Gagemaster 29 Surface Bulb, Baty Gagemaster 30 Surface Bulb, Baty Gagemaster 50 Surface Bulb, Baty Gagemaster 350 Surface Bulb, Baty Gagemaster R14XL, Baty Gagemaster SM350 Surface Bulb, Baty Gagemaster SM50 Surface Bulb, Bridger 1000 VE126, Deltronic DH14 Surface Bulb, Deltronic Optical Comparator DH214 Surface Bulb, Dorsey Gage 16H, Durr Dental Alpha Cam, Durr Dental Vista Cam, Dynascope (not Vision Engineering), Integra Medical Vipercam, Jena Surgery 110F, Jena Surgery 150F, KaVo Optica, Leitz, New Image AcuCam, New Image Intra View, New Image Multi Cam, Nikon, NSK Optica Fiber Optic, NSK Opticure, OGP Avant 400, OGP FOV Smart Scope, Panasonic KS102, Pro Dentec Prism, S-T Industries, Scherr Tumico 20 Surface Illuminator, Scherr Tumico 3500 Surface Illuminator, Scherr Tumico 3600 Surface Illuminator, Scherr Tumico 4450 Surface Illuminator, Scherr Tumico 4500 Surface Illuminator, Scherr Tumico 4600 Surface Illuminator, Seiler Colposcope Surgery 110F, Seiler Colposcope Surgery 150F, Spectraview Cygnascope, ST Industries, Starrett Precision HB350 Surface Illuminator, Starrett Precision HE350 Surface Illuminator, Starrett Precision HE400, Starrett Precision HF750 Profile Illuminator, Starrett Precision HV350, Starrett Precision Sigma VF600 Surface Illuminator, Video Dental Concepts Quick Cam 4.1, Zeiss S2, Zeiss S21, Zeiss S22 and Zeiss S3.
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