Midwest® Operative Carbide Burs, Round FGSS - Dentsply Professional

Midwest® Operative Carbide Burs provide excellent cutting performance, and include an extensive selection of shapes and sizes in familiar configurations to meet your clinical needs.

  • Useful for opening and shaping cavity preparations
  • May be used for root canal access and caries and soft tissue removal
  • Smaller sizes facilitate conservation preparations

  • Easy initial entry and a smooth contouring shape that eliminates sharp corners
  • Can be used to create convergent lateral walls for conservative preparation of mechanical retention

Inverted Cone
  • Ideal for creating mechanical retentions and undercuts for amalgam restorations

Straight Fissure Flat End
  • Ideal for creating flat or parallel surfaces
  • Can be used to create flat floors with square shoulders
  • Extended length heads and crosscut features are also available

Straight Fissure Dome End
  • Allows easier entry than flat end burs
  • Creates a straight side surface with smooth rounded corners
  • Extended length heads and crosscut versions are also available

Straight Fissure Crosscut Dome End
  • Exceptional metal cutting performance from a unique blade geometry
  • Designed for optimum endurance and efficiency without clogging
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