EFR / Halogen Reflector / 10 A / 150 W / 15 V / MR16 / GZ6.35 - Bulbworks, Inc.

Used with Air Techniques Vista Cam, Bosworth Superlight, Healthco VLC High Intensity, Kowa SL-2, Kulzer Translux 2, Kulzer Translux EC, Kulzer Translux EC-S, Seiler 107 Wall, Seiler 170F Table, Seiler Colposcope 935/955/965, Seiler M902/903/904, Seiler Revelation, Sold State Systems Initiator, Stemi 2000, Stemi 2000 C, Stemi 2000 CS, Stemi DR 1040, Stemi DR 1063, Stemi DR 1663, Stemi DV4 SPOT, Stemi SV 6, Stemi SV 11, SteREO Discover V8, SteREO Discovery V12, SteREO Lumar V12, Stereomicroscopes Axiotron in Fiber Light Source KL 1500, Storz Surgery Microscope, Swiss Precision Instruments P0750, Topcon 60/70, Topcon 70/100, Topcon 75/85, Topcon 300/320/600, Topcon OM-5, Topcon OMS75, Unitron, Vision Engineering, Vivadent Heliomat H10 Single, Vivadent Heliomat Multi, Volpi Intralux 150, Zeiss Fiber Optic Illuminators (Operation Microscopes), Zeiss KL1500 Fiber Optic and Zeiss OR.
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