JCRM / Halogen Reflector / 6.25 A / 75 W / 12 V / MR11 / G5.3-4.8 2 Flat Blades - Bulbworks, Inc.

Used with Patterson Dental VCL300, 3M Unitek XT, 3M Visilux 1, 3M Visilux 2, 3M Visilux 5520, 3M Visilux 5530, 3M Visilux 5560, 3M XL2500, 3M XL3000, 3M XLS-250, 3M XLS-2500, Darby Superdent 1000, Darby Superdent 2001, Darby Superdent 2500, Darby Superdent 8001, Degussa Degulux Softstart, Demetron VCL 100, Demetron VCL 200, Demetron VCL 300, Dentcure Surecure I, Dentsply QHL75, Henry Schein Economy CU80, Henry Schein VCL200, Penn-Med Powerlite 75 Gun, Penn-Med Powerlite 100, Penn-Med Powerlite 310, Seiko Maxlite 8500, Unitek Ortholux XT, VIP Bisco, VIP Jr. Bisco, Vivadent Heliolux DLX, Vivadent Heliolux GT, VoCo Prolofix Lux and Wykle Research Witelite 1500.
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