TotalBond™ Liquid, 3.3 ml - Parkell Prod Inc.

TotalBond™ is a dual-cure adhesive cement system for bonding to any substrate encountered in dentistry, including dentin and enamel. It does not require a separately applied dentin bonding agent. TotalBond™ will bond to resins, amalgam and porcelain and precious, semiprecious or high noble alloys. The TotalBond™ Kit includes special primers for porcelain and noble metals that enhance bond strength and durability. Shaded powders are radiopaque and the Clear powder is radiolucent.

TotalBond™ is for use as a permanent luting material for bonding inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges and laminate veneers to prepared teeth. It is also indicated for repairs of fractured porcelain or tooth-colored resin veneers bonded to either nonprecious or precious alloys.

  • Bonds restorations securely, including precious, nonprecious and semiprecious alloys
  • Adheres to tooth structure without a dentin bonding agent
  • Dramatically reduces marginal leakage
  • Inhibits post-op sensitivity
  • Easy to use and clean up
  • Dual cure
  • Available in three shades: light, medium and clear
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