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The Comprehensive Diamond Finishing Kit contains the 820 Series for the easy removal of excess flash while maintaining contours and embrasures. The diamonds provide varying working lengths that allow for greater flexibility in finishing facial surfaces, and are ideal for smoothing and refining of the facial and lingual surfaces. The longer lengths are perfect for line angle-to-line angle on facial surfaces. All instruments in this kit are in friction grip (FG) shank.

Comprehensive Finishing Kit contains 1 of each (F = Fine Grit, C = Extra Fine Grit, U = Ultra Fine Grit): 820F-FG-016, 820C-FG-016, 820U-FG-016, 833F-FG-023, 833C-FG-023, 833U-FG-023, 855LF-FG-009, 855LC-FG-009, 855LU-FG-009, 859F-FG-014, 859C-FG-014, 859U-FG-014, 890F-FG-010, 890C-FG-010, 890U-FG-010, 898F-FG-014, 898C-FG-014, 898U-FG-014 and 1 bur block (54 mm x 25 mm x 29 mm)
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