Preferred Hardware Providers

Connecting practices nationwide to local IT partners

Preferred dental equipment vendors

Finding the right hardware and networking provider is not always easy for dental practices. That’s why we launched the Patterson Preferred Hardware Provider program. This program connects dental practices to the trusted, knowledgeable hardware and networking providers that can deliver the right solutions.

How the program works

Dental hardware provider vetting

Find a dental hardware provider

Purchase dental hardware solutions

Hardware and networking providers are vetted by Patterson

Patterson clients are able to find and connect with local Preferred Hardware Providers

The right hardware and networking solutions help dental practices function optimally

Find a Patterson Dental vendor


Find a Preferred Provider

Because we have identified hardware and networking providers across the country that have intimate knowledge of the needs of a dental practice, you can choose your provider with confidence and know it will be someone local whom you can always reach. Plus, these providers all understand Patterson technologies and the way you can get the most from your technology setup.

Be a Patterson Dental vendor


Become a Preferred Provider

Through Patterson’s vetting process, you can receive all the training you need to gain preferred vendor status and begin connecting with Patterson customers.