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A practice transition is complex and dynamic, involving the personal financial status of both owner and associate, the wants and needs of both doctors and the economics of the practice. We work with you to examine your practice dynamics and practice economics to determine your level of transition-readiness and the ideal starting point for your transition. 

Are you ready to create additional opportunities for practice growth throughout your career – or for an exit strategy for retirement? Our practice transition service will guide the way with expert advice, comprehensive planning and the deliverables you will need from start to finish.

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Reduce your hours and generate more income

Achieve financial freedom years earlier than planned

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Connect with dentists who share your goals

The Patterson Connect community is a diverse, nationwide society of current or soon-to-be dentists who share common dental practice goals. The online community allows you to communicate with other members directly through your account without having to wait for a third-party introduction and notifies you of new opportunities as they come available.
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Practice owners

You can start using the Patterson Connect site as an additional channel for associate search efforts. After creating your initial profile, you will be contacted to discuss terms and conditions of site use and related fees. Upon membership, begin connecting with associate candidates interested in your geographic area of interest right away.

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Start taking charge of your dental career today by creating your free, confidential Associate Profile.  Once your account is set up, you can immediately start searching for dental practice opportunities from across the country.

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The Value Practice Transition

Mercer Transitions pioneered and perfected the model of the Value Practice Transition. With more than 20 years’ experience in transition consulting and more than 1,500 successful practice transitions, Mercer is staffed with true transition experts. Working in tandem with Mercer and our experts, you can rest assured that you’ll reach the best outcome for you, your associate and your practice.

For the greater good

Our collaborative approach represents your best interests, as well as those of your associate and your practice — allowing us to facilitate enduring financial and working arrangements for both doctors.

Not just retirement

Many dentists consider a practice transition to be only a retirement strategy, but a transition can represent so much more. A well-executed value transition allows you to bring on an associate to help grow your practice and accelerate the profits now, while extracting the value of your practice over the course of many years.

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