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2-Part Laboratory Prescription Forms
Patterson Office Supplies
Prescription Blanks

5-Star Dental Solder, 1 oz
Yates Motloid
Lab Miscellaneous

60-Second Readout Digital Thermometer
Patterson Office Supplies
Clinical Supplies

9" Value Frequent Flyer, Personalized, 250/Pkg
Patterson Office Supplies
Personalized Giveaways

Accelerators – Acetone, 120 ml Bottle
Toagosei America Inc.
Adhesives Extraoral

Accelerators – Aerosol, 10 oz Bottle
Toagosei America Inc.
Adhesives Extraoral

Acid Etch® – Standard Kit
Keystone Industries
Etchant Intraoral

Acrylic Adjustment Kit #2638
Meisinger USA, LLC
Preparation and Finishing Kits

Air/Water Syringe Nut Assembly Accessories
Air/Water Syringe & Evacuator Assembly Replacement Parts

AIR-N-GO® Perio Easy Kit
Satelec, Div Of Acteon
Air & Electric Handpiece Attachments

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