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Dentists working with a patient to understand their insurance coverage

Get the power to run your day-to-day operations more smoothly than ever thanks to automation. Discover the convenience of automated statement generation, prescription services, appointment scheduling and more – it’s all here for you. It’s’ your opportunity to put greater energy into what matters most – outstanding patient care.

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Highlighted Solutions


Submit claims electronically to payers.

• Save the practice $0.88 per claim on average
• Reduce rejections and improve payment time from insurance companies
• Receive reports on each claim submission confirming receipt and processing
• Real-time claims – select insurance companies will now process your claims real-time! Know within seconds what will be paid 
• eClaim Connect – online portal for eClaims customers providing additional insight into eClaims submissions


Securely submit any attachment electronically: EOBs, X-rays, perio charts, and any scanned document.

• Improve claim processing time – reducing accounts receivables
• No more lost attachments
• No longer need to duplicate X-rays


Receive your EOBs electronically to quickly and effortlessly process insurance claim payments once funds are received.

• Claim payment information populates automatically – reducing processing time and increasing payment accuracy
• eRAs can be printed and/or saved to the patient’s account for future reference
• Know in advance claim payment information


Check patient benefits in real time.

• No more lengthy phone calls to insurance companies or visiting various payer websites
• Save $2.24 per eligibility check on average
• Increase treatment plan acceptance
• Save responses to patient’s account and/or print for future reference


Create your patient statements as you do today and submit to a clearinghouse where they will print, stuff and mail to your patients.

• Return payment envelopes provided – prompting patient payment
• Reduce supplies and processing costs
• Customized statement messages
• Save $1.63 per statement on average

Credit Cards

Process credit card payments from within the software, eliminating the need for a third party payment application.

• Any workstation can be used to check out patients
• Receive competitive pricing
• No more double entry of payment information


Submit prescriptions electronically to pharmacies for both controlled and non-controlled substances.

• Create prescriptions securely, quickly and easily
• Receive drug and allergy interaction warnings
• Store common prescriptions for easy reuse