Insurance Suite

Reduce manual workload with time-saving tools

Dentists working with a patient to understand their insurance coverage

It’s easy to get caught in the details when it comes to managing an insurance for an entire practice. Spend less time wrangling providers and run your day-to-day operations more smoothly than ever with our suite of software solutions. Learn how you can automate basic functions so your staff can put greater energy into what matters most – outstanding patient care.

Highlighted Solutions

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From within Eaglesoft submit insurance claims electronically to payers.

• Save the practice $0.88 per claim on average
• Reduce rejections and improve payment time from insurance companies
• Receive reports on each claim submission confirming receipt and processing
• Real-time claims – select insurance companies will now process your claims real-time! Know within seconds what will be paid 
• eClaim Connect – online portal for eClaims customers providing additional insight into eClaims submissions


Securely submit any attachment electronically: EOBs, X-rays, perio charts, and any scanned document.

• Improve claim processing time – reducing accounts receivables
• No more lost attachments
• No longer need to duplicate X-rays

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Receive your EOBs electronically to quickly and effortlessly process insurance claim payments once funds are received.

• Claim payment information populates automatically – reducing processing time and increasing payment accuracy
• eRAs can be printed and/or saved to the patient’s account for future reference
• Know in advance claim payment information


Check on patient benefits from within Eaglesoft.

• No more lengthy phone calls to insurance companies or visiting various payer websites
• Save $2.24 per eligibility check on average
• Increase treatment plan acceptance
• Save responses to patient’s account and/or print for future reference