3Shape TRIOS 4
3Shape TRIOS 4 with cradle

Caries diagnostic aid for surface caries.
TRIOS 4 has built-in fluorescent technology that aids in the identification of possible caries. Using TRIOS 4, dental professionals can now be aided in the early-detection of surface caries, without the need for an additional scanning device. Pending FDA approval.

Caries diagnostic aid for interproximal caries. 
TRIOS 4 will also feature a dedicated transillumination smart tip later this year. The smart tip will aid in the identification of possible interproximal caries undetectable to the eye, without emitting radiation.

• Smart tip technology for caries detection
• Instant-heat technology - Scan-ready in seconds, plus 30 percent increase in battery life
• TRIOS Patient Monitoring - The power of TRIOS 4 is further enhanced with TRIOS Patient Monitoring software that enables doctors to compare scans and track changes in teeth over time to gain preventive insights

3 Shape TRIOS Brochure:  Download