6000M Furnace
VITA Vacumat 6000M CADCAM Furnace

The Furnace:

• Silica quartz muffle for even heating, temperature accuracy and consistent firing results
• Automatic temperature adjustment before every program start
• Automatic cleaning function
• Operating status is indicated by a clearly visible LED stick and three selectable acoustic signals
• Additional programs such as night mode, fast cooling and power failure protection
• Compact, space-saving design – ideal for small areas
• Two large, fold-away metal cooling trays

The vPad Comfort Controller:

• Intuitive “one touch” operation
• Simple icon-driven programming and control
• Change of program possible while program is running
• 1 GB photo viewer with various functions
• Controlled firing for all ceramics, including multi-stage crystallization firing (ideal for CEREC dentists)

• Applicable for most dental ceramic materials requiring vacuum and atmospheric processing
• Pre programmed for the two stage crystallization process
• Automatic calibration temperature adjustment before every start of the program
• Accuracy of temperature +/- 1°C
• Automatic function to avoid condensed water within the insulating material
• Automatic cleaning function (preventing longer term contamination)
• ‘Night mode’ feature. When selected with any program allows the furnace to complete the program cycle and then ‘turn off’ keeping the oven at a moisture resilient  90 Degrees/C (until the operator opens the oven)
• Multiple fast cooling options and power failure protection. (Programs will resume if power is reestablished within 15 seconds)
• Current operating mode is visible at distance due to the LED light bar on furnace
• High-quality electronics single CPU board replacement
• Quality assurance through integrated firing data saving (can be saved to USB )
• High quality quite VITA vacuum pump
• Warranty 2 years on all parts and labor inclusive
• Easily updated via USB ports
• 110V 

Width: 230mm
Depth: 325 mm
Height: 630 mm
Casing: in 2 design finishes: stainless steel and anthracite painted
Weight: 20.1 kg (stainless steel version), 18.7 kg (anthracite painted version)
Firing chamber diameter: 90mm
Firing chamber height: 55mm
Firing chamber temperature: max. 1200°C
Mains voltage: 230 V AC, 50 Hz or 100/110 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: max. 1.5 kW
Classification: Protection class 1