Air-n-Go Polisher
Air-n-Go Polisher

The first dual purpose air polisher that connects directly to the air turbine of virtually any dental chair. The Air-n-Go works as an effective supragingival air polisher for prophylaxis and perfect cosmetic results. With the addition of the optional Air-n-Go Perio Kit, which includes an ultra-fine Perio nozzle, a green Perio powder tank and Perio powder, the handpiece converts to a device capable of subgingival care of the tooth or the implant for in-depth bacterial removal.

  • Connects to any air turbine - versatility
  • Same handpiece can be used for supra and subgingival treatments - more cost effective
  • 90 and 120 degree nozzles - better access
  • Stop powder function - can rinse area when finished