Air Max Polisher
Air Max Polisher

The Air Max air polisher, with its innovative and practical design, allows the dentist to work in optimal conditions of asepsis. The fully autoclavable ProphyPen handpiece has a titanium nozzle that mixes the water with air and powder. It is disconnectable and has a new design that avoids clogging. The transparent powder drum located on the side of the unit makes refilling easy and allows a perfect visual control of the filling level at all times. The Air Max is also fitted with a fully automatic cleaning function: a "chip blower" process starts with the press of a button and expels any powder remaining in the tubes. To ensure patient comfort is concerned, a built-in heating system provides tempered water.

  • Built-in heating sustem for water - better patient comfort
  • Transparent drum to hold the powder - easy refilling and perfect visual control
  • Autoclavable handpiece - easy sterilization
  • Titanium nozzle - avoids clogging

Width: 9.8" (250 mm) Height: 4.3" (110 mm) Length: 11.8" (300 mm) Weight: 5.9 lb (2676 g)