PURE Newtron Booster
PURE Newton Booster

• NEWTRON® BOOSTER ultrasonic generator has been entirely reworked in terms of technology, ergonomics and design. This compact and stylished ultrasonic generator combines technologies for more efficient clinics and innovations that make the daily work easier.
• The PURE NEWTRON® technology is recognised for its gentle vibrations and its efficiency.
• With its elegant, clean lines, the design of the NEWTRON® BOOSTER has been carefully studied to meet the requirements of both ergonomics and hygiene.
• With a graduation from 1 to 20, the power is accurately determined.

• Inclined front panel - better visibility
• Slim handpiece - better grip and less hand fatigue
• Cruise Control System - increased power and smooth vibrations

• Width: 5.1" (129 mm)
• Length: 6.3" (160 mm)
• Height: 3.5" (87 mm)
• Weight: 3.6 lb (1650 g)

PURE Newtron Booster Brochure: Download