Single Water Ring Pump
Single Water Ring Pump

  • 1 and 2 HP water injected pump models available to suit your specific requirements
  • Options for sIngle water ring pumps are based on dental office size and the number of users of the system: If there is 1 doctor and staff, then the CV-101FS and CV-101FSW may be the option; if there are 2 doctors and staff, then the additional HP of the 102FS or 102FSW may be needed

Is a single water ring pump right for you? It may be if you:

  • Have 1 doctor in your office
  • Have limited space
  • Use surgical suction tips
  • Use vacuum sinks
  • Profusely rinse vacuum lines
  • Have low or no water and sewer costs
  • Want a time-proven vacuum source
  • Have overhead or restricted piping
  • CustomAir single and dual pumps are quiet and compact
  • Long-life, chemical resistant brass impeller and housing
  • Sealed bearings in motor
  • Designed for easy servicing